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Stills: A Weekly Collection (Botanical Style)

: My lovely ladies that greet me at  my front door..
: Hubby planted these along the driveway. I do love his need for having beauty in even the smallest spaces
: After a long week my lover bought me tulips..
: On the weekend my little lad brings me flower tops, yes these are from the driveway and no he should not have picked those exact ones but who can be angry.. really?
: On watering the gardenia I find a little lost limb..
: I learnt this one from Beth when the flowers start to droop just cut them short .. ta da..
: Flower tops tend not to last too long so mid week he found me some more!!
: I met with Sherry and the gorgeous thing gave me these stunners... so special..

Linking up with Em for her weekly Stills Collection..

Handing it Over..

Today I get to introduce a new member of the DTLL Team..

Building our Team has been the most amazing process for me. Handing it over is not something I do with ease.

I knew from the start who my graphic designer, tech team and web creatives would be as they are all in one team and I built the site with them.. My Macdaddy boys.. with 5 of that team being the ones I work with daily from there it was only natural I would need to balance it out with some girls.

You would imagine I would decide what areas I needed most and interview. NOPE.. not for me. I did source our first PR agency and that didn't work out so from that I adopted a new process in that I manage it all myself until the right person comes into my life to fit a role, a person that can do it equally or even better than me, I reach out to that person and ask them if they would like the job?

Ironically after the boys at Macdaddy were locked in came 2 more men.. My financial crew. I spent an afternoon chatting with Tom and his father about our business and what I would like them to do for us only to have Tom (the one I deal with at least fortnightly) say he had to run as he had to go and present for Uncle Toby's.. What tha? He is only an Ironman for his other profession!. So lets just say we have lots in common and when I say can we push a meeting back by half and hour so I can fit in my run he says lets make it an hour!!

From there I have stuck to the female persuasion.. gotta keep the balance huh?

Em I connected with through blogging, went to meet her, adored her and from there she has become a brand ambassador for DTLL. She adores our stores and we adore her.. it was just meant to be.

Cherie was just meant to be and landed in my lap via our gorgeous Bron. I knew Cherie via her blog but just when she needed a career change was just when I had reached my tipping point. I truly did not have enough hours in a day and she took to her role like a duck to water. Learnt the ropes in super quick time and takes the sort of pride in her role that I only ever expected myself to do so .. it was just meant to be.

Christmas Season gave me my gorgeous PR and Publicist in Jacqui and Lauren from Folke PR.. I again had spoken to Jacqui before we even launched as I had a feeling about her and her brand but I couldn't afford a coffee let alone a PR team at that stage so we never got to work together. I go to Collaborative Christmas last year and who walks in looking drop dead gorgeous with total sass but Jac.. it was meant to be.

Amelia is in Cheries circle and I had got her a role with one of our DTLL stores managing their FB Page so once we got to know each other more I just had to invite her into our FB family too.. her husby is a Brit, she is a health and fitness nut and even lived in the UK, so much in common.. it was just meant to be.

and NOW.. Sonia. I had met and also knew Sonia through her blog (she is a funny, funny lady) she worked al her life in Brand Development and Business Strategy then this year decided to be done with that and go it alone. We met for lunch with Bron and she told me she was looking to work with smaller businesses and pay it forward.. that was maybe 2 months ago and I had been plotting how I could afford to have her on board ever since. I am so chuffed she will now be doing what she does best for all our stores as it just embodies everything I want DTLL to be. A growing family.
You see? It was just meant to be.

All these people know me and get me, all these people I can trust to do their role better than I could and that gives me so much strength and most importantly the ability to finally hand it over.

One place I never thought I would be..

This time last week I was at the Conference Centre in Darling Harbour talking to 100+ people about how to build a successful on line business.

I shared my journey and then happily answered questions and shared what I call 'our recipe'.. it really is just that. I would class my little lady (DTLL) as my Masterstock. I build and add to her sharing her with anyone that comes to work with us and letting them in on the secret ingredients. As time passes we add new bits a pieces and strengthen the complexity of her flavour..

DTLL is so much more than a website to me, the people that work with me are like my brothers and sisters, our stores.. I am as proud of them as if they were my kids and as protective of them in just the same way.

The other sides of DTLL in our customers and gorgeous people we connect with on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and right here on the blog are like a big bear hug from my Dad when I am having a shitty day or Mum pulling the blanket over me when I am too tired to do so myself.

When I had to write out my so called script, I stuck to it for oh... about one paragraph, I was forced to really analyse where we have come from and where we are at...

Crapping my pants, as I totally was, I told our story and I filled with pride, I buzzed with adrenalin and I left that place grinning from ear to ear. They asked if I would be happy to talk at other events and I said 'hell yeah'. I am beyond proud and for the first time in maybe forever I am quite happy to say so..

Have you had a simple act simple totally change the way you feel ?

Seller in the Spotlight : Vice & Velvet

Every few weeks we will put one of our gorgeous sellers in the spotlight and share with you a little about them and their business.


Today, we introduce you to the lovely Mei from Vice & Velvet.

How did you start your business? 
I started V&V in late 2011. After making soaps and body creams for myself and family members for years, I decided to start selling on a small scale to continue to fund my hobby. It didn’t take long for me to realise how much I loved running my own business and doing what I love everyday. Within a few months I was operating V&V on a full time basis and to this day I still do pretty much everything myself (formulating, packaging, photography, product design, web design, book keeping, etc).

What inspires you?
I mainly get inspiration for my products from nature and in contrast, the urban influence from living in Melbourne city. I’m also continually creating new limited edition scent blends based on the moods, sights and smells of different seasons and festivities. On a day to day basis I really enjoy sharing and exploring on Instagram, where I can indulge my other interests such as fashion, food photography, home decor and interior design.

What is your favourite piece in your collection?
I don’t have a favourite scent (as I adore them all equally) but one of the products I’m most proud of is the Body Mousse. It is a rich body cream that is whipped for lightness and when you scoop it out the jar, you can feel the tiny air bubbles as though it were chocolate mousse. I spent the most time experimenting and perfecting the formula and I’m always told by customers that it is one of the best body moisturisers they’ve ever used.

What has been your favourite recent purchase?
I collect air plants and just bought a few new ones recently. One of them had just flowered (which they only do once in a lifetime) and little pups were starting to grow out of its side. I like to display air plants all over my home and other than succulents, they’re the only type of plant I seem to be capable of keeping alive.

What is your indulgence?
I have a sweet tooth and love desserts and baked goods, especially ones made with cocoa/chocolate or cream cheese. Red velvet cupcakes are a standard in my kitchen because they combine the two flavours. I do bake occasionally but it’s also very easy to get good desserts and pastries in Melbourne.

What music are you loving right now? 
I always listen (and sing along) to songs from Glee while going about my day. I enjoy the mix of different genres and I’ve been a fan of Glee since it started so it’s a nice way to relive past episodes while getting work done.

Vice & Velvet is a one-woman show. Made in Melbourne city, Australia, they combine the urban influence with our love for natural, sustainably sourced ingredients.
Their soaps and natural bath and body products are handmade from scratch. They never use pre-manufactured “bases” and their recipes have been formulated with lots of skin loving oils and butters. The packaging is minimal and practical - they feel that it's kinder to the environment but also lets the products speak for themselves.
All Vice & Velvet products are suitable for vegetarians and most are also vegan-friendly. They love to experiment with new ingredients and their product range is constantly changing.
{Vice & Velvet don't use Sodium Lauryl/Laureth Sulphate (SLS), mineral oils, parabens or synthetic dyes in any of our products. Tested on friends and family only.}
You can view their divine range here

Wondering about Wallpaper..

I am about to think about to have the lovely Elissa come and help me out with decisions on whether to wallpaper our dining room or not.. I recently bought this gorgeous 'old lady' from Vinnies (um hello $10, I just couldn't leave her) and will recover her at some stage but I am totally torn on design.

I love wallpaper, it is both stunning and even cheaper than artwork.. well it is when you have a wall my size to fill.. I am thinking soft and subtle like this..

.. but I do love more textured looking like the brick wall effect above. We have this wall mural (below) in the playroom and everyone adores it so I need something totally different.

My favourite wallpaper shops?.. Muffin and Mani for Kids, Kemra for modern but simple, Love Mae for subtle and decorative and Wallpaper Republic for Murals. Anyone else got any tips?

For the love of eating : Slow braised beef cheeks

Just because we're heading into Summer, doesn't mean we can't enjoy a hearty meal.  The night's are still cool, so why not enjoy something warm and comforting.

Is there anything better than slow cooked beef?  Bursting with flavours - you can almost feel the love in this meal.

Thanks again to Guy from Bondi Harvest for this amazing recipe.

Fortnightly specials...

These are the sales or special offer that our lovely sellers have happening for the coming couple of weeks. 


May and Belle have selected prints on sale for the next fortnight, as well as some new stock just arrived.  You can view their gorgeous range here.


Black Eyed Susie have 15% off selected cushion covers starting this Wednesday PLUS they are adding free shipping too! You can take a look at their range here.


Oliver's Twisty Tales have all their beautiful quilts, wraps and swaddles on sale for a huge 40% off.  There is limited stock, so get in quick!  You can view their full range here.


Donnah have two of their beautiful silk dresses on sale for a bargain $89 (reduced from $169).  You can get yours here.

The Round Up...

Each week we want to share with you some of our favourite posts that have crossed our paths this week.  Posts with images that made our heart's sing, or words that rang true to us. Posts that inspired.

We hope they inspire you too.


This incredible children's room makeover on Room To Bloom had us completely swooning.  What a transformation!!


Debra at Dust Jacket took us on a tour of the amazing new London hotel called "The London Edition"... What a place! Who's up for a visit?! :)


Emily Henderson gave us a few DIY tips for storage and shelving.  Loving those colours!


Emma from My Darling Lemon Thyme shared this delicious recipe for Spicy Rice Noodle Salad. Super healthy but packed full of flavour!


The lovely Bri at Design Love Fest visited the amazing new space of design agency, Nickey Kehoe.  Oh my!!

Its time for a come back..

That phrase has so many different meanings to me at the moment and those people that know me in different areas of my life will know what I mean for all different reasons..

My Blog Buddies.. I need to take some time to re connect. I have been MIA not only on my blog but also on yours, yes I have had content on the blog but not me, the inner me and really I rather think a blog is not much without soul and for that I apologise and I am looking to rectify. Not because I think you have all been crying without me but more because I actually enjoyed being amongst you all.

My Sports Buddies.. I am still fit, that never went away but I am going to start coming back to training in groups, riding with my mates and maybe even dropping in on my old run groups. I miss the banter that takes you away from a lonely run. Don't get me wrong I will still be running alone as my runs are the best board meeting and brainstorming session I ever have in a week but I am thinking to be back as in back to events, back to competition and dare I say it maybe even a triathlon

My Work Buddies.. Lets just say it is game on. I lay low for a bit the past month or so as we were busy building fabulous things on the tech side and the retail world of online was having a shift, a negative shift for some but by sitting back and connecting with others who were also laying low to just observe it has turned totally positive and well as I said.. GAME ON.

This is going to sound conceited or I FEEL conceited to say it but I am amazed at how for every negative thing that is thrown at me I truly find a way to make it a positive and with every turn it makes me stronger. Life is good and thanks to a Seminar I am presenting at on Thursday having me write it all down today I am here.. ready for a come back.. BRING IT ON.. BRING IT ALL..

For the love of eating : Smoked Trout & Goats Cheese Savoury Muffins

Fancy?  Yes.  Easy?  Yes.  Delicious?  Most definitely!

Sure, I love a sweet muffin - but give me a savoury muffin and I'm yours.  This one looks delicious - perfect for a summer brunch!  Guy has definitely done it again with this one.

The Round Up

Each week we want to share with you some of our favourite posts that have crossed our paths this week.  Posts with images that made our heart's sing, or words that rang true to us.  Posts that inspired.  

We hope they inspire you too. 


Kristine from the Painted Hive shared how to make these gorgeous little book shelves.  Perfect space savers!


Mushroom Pizza over on A Merry Mishap? YES PLEASE!


The lovely Handmade Charlotte gives a super easy, and fun tutorial on making your own shadow puppets - perfect for the upcoming school holidays!


We can't go past a good wine recommendation - especially from our girl Beth over at BabyMac... This one looks fab (and would go well with that pizza!). 


And finally, we are LOVING this bold, but super cute nursery over on Apartment Therapy.  

Have a wonderful weekend! xx

Seller in the Spotlight : Driftwood Interiors

Every few weeks we will put one of our gorgeous sellers in the spotlight and share with you a little about them and their business.


Today we introduce you to the lovely Kerri Shipp from Driftwood Interiors.

How did you start your business? 
I started my business very slowly in the beginning. My blog had been up and running for a while and I'd built quite a good audience, so I started to introduce a few of my paintings. The response was great and it all went from there.

What inspires you?
I find inspiration everywhere and anywhere, but I find colour and nature are my main triggers. I might see a colour in a photo, or in a flower, and the design usually flows from there. I also find pattern and repetition really inspiring.

What is your favourite piece in your collection? 
My favourite piece changes depending on my mood. One day I'll be all about the coral paintings, the next I'll be into neon abstracts. I do have a soft spot for my 'Atomic' abstract though - it's vibrant and happy and a definite 'feel-good' piece.

What has been your favourite recent purchase?
I just bought a new iMac, and I'm only sorry it's taken me so long! Definitely a winner in my book.

What is the one song that will get you on the dance floor?
I love a dance (or two) and 'Bohemian Like You' gets me every time! 

What is your guilty pleasure? 
My guilty pleasure would have to be interior mags. I have an embarrassing hoard that I just can't bring myself to get rid of. I tell everyone it's all in the name of research, but even I have to admit it's getting a little out of control....

Driftwood Interiors paintings range from abstracts to large scale florals, finely detailed watercolours and richly textured canvases. Kerri loves to create bespoke pieces to to give your home that individual, unique touch. All prints you see here are taken from hand-painted originals, using rich pigment inks and quality watercolour paper to give a depth and texture unique to my pieces. "It's my aim to make custom artwork accessible and affordable - after all, it's those finishing touches that make a house a home." Says Kerri. Of course, she's also happy to discuss custom pieces with you if you're looking for something truly individual.

You can view the full range of incredible Driftwood Interiors prints here.

For the love of eating : Bread and Butter Pudding

So it's not the healthiest of desserts, but my gosh does it hit the spot.  Bread and Butter screams comfort and this classic English dessert needs to be on the menu before winter leaves us for good.

Guy from Bondi Harvest is going to show you how it's done.  Enjoy!

Fortnightly Specials...

Every fortnight we will bring you any sales or special offers that our lovely sellers have happening for the coming couple of weeks. 


The Kinderplatz have 25% off their entire spring/summer range until 17th September.  You can take a look at their full range of lovely children's clothes here.


Ruby Pickles have 30% off their entire gorgeous range. You take a look here.  


Beautiful Life Industries have free shipping on all order from now until 21st September.  You can see their lovely full range here.

The Round Up

We want to share with you some of our favourite posts that have crossed our paths this week.  Posts with images that made our heart's sing, or words that rang true to us.  Posts that inspired. 

We hope they inspire you too.


Of course we had to start by introducing you to the beautiful Frankie Jean.  Our Cherie formally introduced her beautiful baby girl to the inter-webs this week, and we can totally see why this divine Mama is so smitten.  


Jordan at Oh Happy Day show us how to make these gorgeous Party Favour boxes.  I love!


My Design Chic take us on a tour of this beautiful Tybee Island home.  When can I move in?


The girls at A Beautiful Mess show us how easy it can be to create beautiful abstract art like this, at home yourself. Get painting!


And finally, get the last taste of winter roasts with these delicious looking Rosemary Potatoes from Bri at Design Love Fest.  YUM!

Have a great weekend!