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Handing it Over..

Today I get to introduce a new member of the DTLL Team..

Building our Team has been the most amazing process for me. Handing it over is not something I do with ease.

I knew from the start who my graphic designer, tech team and web creatives would be as they are all in one team and I built the site with them.. My Macdaddy boys.. with 5 of that team being the ones I work with daily from there it was only natural I would need to balance it out with some girls.

You would imagine I would decide what areas I needed most and interview. NOPE.. not for me. I did source our first PR agency and that didn't work out so from that I adopted a new process in that I manage it all myself until the right person comes into my life to fit a role, a person that can do it equally or even better than me, I reach out to that person and ask them if they would like the job?

Ironically after the boys at Macdaddy were locked in came 2 more men.. My financial crew. I spent an afternoon chatting with Tom and his father about our business and what I would like them to do for us only to have Tom (the one I deal with at least fortnightly) say he had to run as he had to go and present for Uncle Toby's.. What tha? He is only an Ironman for his other profession!. So lets just say we have lots in common and when I say can we push a meeting back by half and hour so I can fit in my run he says lets make it an hour!!

From there I have stuck to the female persuasion.. gotta keep the balance huh?

Em I connected with through blogging, went to meet her, adored her and from there she has become a brand ambassador for DTLL. She adores our stores and we adore her.. it was just meant to be.

Cherie was just meant to be and landed in my lap via our gorgeous Bron. I knew Cherie via her blog but just when she needed a career change was just when I had reached my tipping point. I truly did not have enough hours in a day and she took to her role like a duck to water. Learnt the ropes in super quick time and takes the sort of pride in her role that I only ever expected myself to do so .. it was just meant to be.

Christmas Season gave me my gorgeous PR and Publicist in Jacqui and Lauren from Folke PR.. I again had spoken to Jacqui before we even launched as I had a feeling about her and her brand but I couldn't afford a coffee let alone a PR team at that stage so we never got to work together. I go to Collaborative Christmas last year and who walks in looking drop dead gorgeous with total sass but Jac.. it was meant to be.

Amelia is in Cheries circle and I had got her a role with one of our DTLL stores managing their FB Page so once we got to know each other more I just had to invite her into our FB family too.. her husby is a Brit, she is a health and fitness nut and even lived in the UK, so much in common.. it was just meant to be.

and NOW.. Sonia. I had met and also knew Sonia through her blog (she is a funny, funny lady) she worked al her life in Brand Development and Business Strategy then this year decided to be done with that and go it alone. We met for lunch with Bron and she told me she was looking to work with smaller businesses and pay it forward.. that was maybe 2 months ago and I had been plotting how I could afford to have her on board ever since. I am so chuffed she will now be doing what she does best for all our stores as it just embodies everything I want DTLL to be. A growing family.
You see? It was just meant to be.

All these people know me and get me, all these people I can trust to do their role better than I could and that gives me so much strength and most importantly the ability to finally hand it over.


  1. I had a really good feeling from the very beginning of this post that you might mean Sonia......I couldn't think of a better fit. Congratulations Tessa & Sonia. Tania xx

  2. Oh huni - and I cannot tell you just how thrilled I am to be a part of this gorgeous team and work with a business that I adore ... actually I have told you and I will continue to tell you over multiple cups of coffee and cocktails ;) Thank you gorgeous girl - Thank you xx


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