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Its time for a come back..

That phrase has so many different meanings to me at the moment and those people that know me in different areas of my life will know what I mean for all different reasons..

My Blog Buddies.. I need to take some time to re connect. I have been MIA not only on my blog but also on yours, yes I have had content on the blog but not me, the inner me and really I rather think a blog is not much without soul and for that I apologise and I am looking to rectify. Not because I think you have all been crying without me but more because I actually enjoyed being amongst you all.

My Sports Buddies.. I am still fit, that never went away but I am going to start coming back to training in groups, riding with my mates and maybe even dropping in on my old run groups. I miss the banter that takes you away from a lonely run. Don't get me wrong I will still be running alone as my runs are the best board meeting and brainstorming session I ever have in a week but I am thinking to be back as in back to events, back to competition and dare I say it maybe even a triathlon

My Work Buddies.. Lets just say it is game on. I lay low for a bit the past month or so as we were busy building fabulous things on the tech side and the retail world of online was having a shift, a negative shift for some but by sitting back and connecting with others who were also laying low to just observe it has turned totally positive and well as I said.. GAME ON.

This is going to sound conceited or I FEEL conceited to say it but I am amazed at how for every negative thing that is thrown at me I truly find a way to make it a positive and with every turn it makes me stronger. Life is good and thanks to a Seminar I am presenting at on Thursday having me write it all down today I am here.. ready for a come back.. BRING IT ON.. BRING IT ALL..


  1. It's hard when you're mixing in a few different circles, I'm yet to find the right balance.

  2. Game on indeed,Tessa! You're a star. So pleased to hear that you're back, invigorated and ready to take on the world!

  3. I was actually crying a little bit without you. x


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