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One place I never thought I would be..

This time last week I was at the Conference Centre in Darling Harbour talking to 100+ people about how to build a successful on line business.

I shared my journey and then happily answered questions and shared what I call 'our recipe'.. it really is just that. I would class my little lady (DTLL) as my Masterstock. I build and add to her sharing her with anyone that comes to work with us and letting them in on the secret ingredients. As time passes we add new bits a pieces and strengthen the complexity of her flavour..

DTLL is so much more than a website to me, the people that work with me are like my brothers and sisters, our stores.. I am as proud of them as if they were my kids and as protective of them in just the same way.

The other sides of DTLL in our customers and gorgeous people we connect with on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and right here on the blog are like a big bear hug from my Dad when I am having a shitty day or Mum pulling the blanket over me when I am too tired to do so myself.

When I had to write out my so called script, I stuck to it for oh... about one paragraph, I was forced to really analyse where we have come from and where we are at...

Crapping my pants, as I totally was, I told our story and I filled with pride, I buzzed with adrenalin and I left that place grinning from ear to ear. They asked if I would be happy to talk at other events and I said 'hell yeah'. I am beyond proud and for the first time in maybe forever I am quite happy to say so..

Have you had a simple act simple totally change the way you feel ?


  1. Congratulations! Talking in front of so many people is a really big deal. You may have found your new calling!

  2. Well done Tessa! So proud of your achievements:))


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