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Stills: A Weekly Collection (Botanical Style)

: My lovely ladies that greet me at  my front door..
: Hubby planted these along the driveway. I do love his need for having beauty in even the smallest spaces
: After a long week my lover bought me tulips..
: On the weekend my little lad brings me flower tops, yes these are from the driveway and no he should not have picked those exact ones but who can be angry.. really?
: On watering the gardenia I find a little lost limb..
: I learnt this one from Beth when the flowers start to droop just cut them short .. ta da..
: Flower tops tend not to last too long so mid week he found me some more!!
: I met with Sherry and the gorgeous thing gave me these stunners... so special..

Linking up with Em for her weekly Stills Collection..


  1. Lovely! Mine have been all about the florals this week too - must be the time of year for it! :)


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