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Wondering about Wallpaper..

I am about to think about to have the lovely Elissa come and help me out with decisions on whether to wallpaper our dining room or not.. I recently bought this gorgeous 'old lady' from Vinnies (um hello $10, I just couldn't leave her) and will recover her at some stage but I am totally torn on design.

I love wallpaper, it is both stunning and even cheaper than artwork.. well it is when you have a wall my size to fill.. I am thinking soft and subtle like this..

.. but I do love more textured looking like the brick wall effect above. We have this wall mural (below) in the playroom and everyone adores it so I need something totally different.

My favourite wallpaper shops?.. Muffin and Mani for Kids, Kemra for modern but simple, Love Mae for subtle and decorative and Wallpaper Republic for Murals. Anyone else got any tips?

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