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In the Company of some rather fab people..

Well last week I was paid what I consider to be a rather huge compliment. We all know Pinterest is a rather happy place for many of us and for me it is all that and more.

Since launching DTLL I have become even more visual than I ever was, even the font used in something I read is important to me (Oh Adam * I do feel for you but no I can't change my annoying new ways). The exact crop of a picture, the scale and even the reflections can be of importance..

I can get annoyed with the mildly irritating nature of perfectionism it has bestowed on me or I can embrace the artistic eye it has given me that helps me help our stores get the best out of their storefront on DTLL. I of course choose the later.

Last week I was asked by Homelife the online version of 2 of my absolute favourite mags, Inside Out and Country Style Mag to be their Guest Pinner for the month of October!.

Previous Guest Pinners include Jan of Poppytalk, The gorgeous Pip Lincolne, West Elm and Etsy so to say I am in Good Company is an understatement and I am just a tad proud to be asked. It of course backs my decision to embrace my more fanatical visual eye and that too is a fabulous thing :)

Here is a collection of a few of my faves I have pinned so far..

You can find them all and more here
* My Graphic Designer

Are you a fan of Pinterest? Share me your URL I would love to come and nosey.. 


  1. What an amazing opportunity.
    Just having a browse and going a little bit crazing pinning from your beautiful pinterest boards.

  2. Oh I adore Pinterest too - once I get past the endless 'inspiration' for how I should be turning my children's lunches into works of art ;-)

    Love those beautiful costumes you have pinned, and am now convinced that my kitchen absolutely NEEDS those plates!

    For bookish inspiration - you are more than welcome to come & have a peek here,

    1. Thanks Emma, I will pop across for a look see for sure :)

  3. Oh I luuuuuurve Pinterest. We've just recently built a new home and being a rather visual personal this is a life saver. Imagine me trying to explain my vision to my hubby without Pinterest! Horror!!!!

    This following board saved endless magazine and book flicking sessions:

    Absolutely can't wait to get started on the garden.....if only it would stop raining (sigh)

    Congrats, you should be proud.

    Fiona :)

    1. planning without pinterest is like communication before mobile phones.. simply rather a lot harder!!.. off to look at your boards :) you will see some pins being re pinned rather soon no doubt ..


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