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Seller in the Spotlight : RoxyOxy Creations

How did you start your business?
I have always been extremely creative at school but i made the decision to follow my interest in health and nutrition and went off to uni to become a Dietitian. However after 7 years running five successful private practises, i fell pregnant with my first child Ryan, and Ajarnae followed 13 months later. Whilst off work with young kids, i would just love spending the day, drawing, colouring, reading children's illustrative books and creating amazing paper sculptures with them. I felt like that hidden creativeness was slowly coming to the surface again and i was enjoying every minute of it. A girlfriend noticed my paper cut designs i was making with my kids for fun, and asked me if the would make something for her children's bedrooms... With much trepidation i said YES, but just loved the feeling i got from seeing something "I had made" bring sooo much joy to someone else. The seed was planted and Roxyoxy Creations has just grown from there.

What is your favourite piece in you collection?
Hmmmm way to hard to pick a favourite as i honestly love them all. But i do love my new vintage collection as they tell such an enchanting story when you look at them....

THEN a  mix of maybe 4..

What has been your favourite recent purchase?
My extremely talented friend has just finished making me the most devine vintage handbag made out of leather and a vintage hankerchief which i just adore. Something about HANDMADE just makes the purchase all the more special as you know its unique and original and many hours of love have been put into its creation!!

What is one song that will get you on the dance floor!
As an ex ballet/jazz dancer it dosen't take much as i love a good beat and am known to stay on the dance floor All Night!!! Do love a good ABBA remix!!!!

What is your guilty pleasure?
CHOCOLATE!!!!! -- just loving the new Cabury Marvellous range at the moment!!! HHHHmmmm Yum Yum!!!1

What inspires you?
Personally-Seeing people follow their dreams and give things a go no matter what the consequence. You never know unless you give things a go!!!  Roxyoxy Creations- the way children- play, learn, create, explore, and have fun. Children's illustrations and design. I could spend days on Pinterest and Etsy if i had the time- i just love seeing what amazingly talented people are making all over the world!!!!

What is your favourite holiday destination?
As a stay at home mum who runs my business, my hubby's building business, is the domestic goddess, the daily dog walker and runner and most importantly makes sure my family is well cared for - i just love BALI!!! Married to a mad surfer, we try and escape to REMOTE Bali for a couple of weeks each year so we can all totally relax and not have to think about cooking, cleaning and work for awhile!!!!! HEAVEN!!!!!

What do you wish people cared more about?

Putting my Dietitian cap back on-- THEIR HEALTH!!!!  Unfortunately health can often be the last thing on peoples priority list but it should be way up there next to Happiness as if the body starts to crumble so does many other aspects in life!!!
I also wish people cared more ABOUT EACH OTHER as sometimes we can get so caught up in work that we forget the SIMPLE THINGS that can bring happiness..... Nothing makes me smile more than just spending quality time with my family- mostly at the beach, park or just playing a good board/card

Where would your dream holiday be?
Any where WARM and with GREAT FOOD.... Would love one day to do a cooking course along the Amalfi coast line in Italy, see the spice markets in Marakeesh, hang out in South America and do a safari in Africa... To be honest i am pretty content with a long flat beach for running then diving into the ocean....Bliss....

What would be my favourite book?

Boy thats sooo hard as i am an avid reader and trying to choose a favourite dosen't seem fair. But i did love- MAO's Last Dancer, The Kite Runner, A Thousand Splendid Sons and a good crime thriller!!!!

If i could invite 5 people to dinner who would that be?
HUGH JACKMAN- Now not sure i want to share him with another 4 people as
would be very happy just the TWO of us!!!!!!

What is my indulgence?
Hmmmm, thats easy- PAPER!!!! Just where a girl can never have too many shoes- I can never have tooooooo much PAPER!!!!   I get so excited to see any new paper ranges and as much as i say i don't need it- i always seem to GET it!!!!!

What music do i love?
Working at home i listen to music all day so i love a good singer/songwriter. At the moment i love- Donavan Frankenreiter, Jack Johnson, Gabrielle Aplin, Joshua Radin, Ingrid Michaelson, Christina Perri, Ed Sheran and can't go past Pink!!!!

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