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Stills : A Weekly Collection

: she makes me proud my little girl.. its not always perfect but the days it is no one believes a 6yr old made that bed

: pilates and I are best friends, cloud 9 and floating are the only way I can describe post pilates feelings

: front door greetings, made from nothing and with little to no talent

: training wheels, they came off and the tears have been flowing..

: uberpieces.. I have been treated of recent to a new bracelet and as I never take off my necklace I am overloaded and loving it.

: flowers from my man, he brings them often from the garden he creates

: my daughters desk, I love her little space nealry as much as I love my office .

Linking up with Em as always :)


  1. Your daughter is so neat and tidy - excellent teaching mama!
    I have just ordered her doona cover - can't wait for it to arrive!

    1. You will love it.. the dots are like navy black and really watercolour like.. perfection :)

  2. Oh my! Love your uberkate!! Love!
    The rest of the photos are a delight too! :) x

    1. So do I Bekka, I have been buying for 10 years and each piece has so many memories and meanings to me x

  3. Love all your uber stuff! so so pretty!

  4. That gorgeous girl of yours - she is SOOOOO YOUR girl! xx


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