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What changed for you ?

You know that stage where a beautiful child comes into your life? Whether you go back to work or not the family income suddenly decreases AND expenditure goes up.

My main change was how I budgeted our food shopping. We have never been big spenders.. I mean we do buy expensive items as we know quality lasts and we do save up for beautiful things as everyone needs to have some luxury in their life on some sort of scale but we just don't do it all the time so really the only area we could pull back on was food and going out. Funnily enough a newborn managed the later for us so I just managed the former.

I chatted the other week about how so many people seem to find parenting a tit for tat competition  and there is no doubt that parenthood is a major change for many but my boy and I see it as just as stressful for both parties.

The pressure is placed on the carer to be perfection at raising a bub and keeping a happy home (mainly by our fellow females I note) and yet the breadwinner has all the stressed placed on them to look after the family.

I know of families that changed nothing and are regretting that big time, I know of others that went back to work only to hate it so much they decided to move house to take off the pressure and I know of some that went back to work not for the money but for themselves as they love it only to be judged by others as a bad parent for doing so!.. WTF?.. Anywho, I am just curious what changed for you and how you managed it.

I have some lovely women in my life still struggling with motherhood issues and I wish I had more answers but I only know what works for me and my man.

So what changed for you? Any advice?


  1. I found going back to work was the better option for us. I didnt cope well with being a stay at home mum as I was so used to working. But we swapped roles and Carl was a stay at home Dad for 3 years. The kids loved having him around and as my job afforded us to maintain our pre child expenses, we were all happy xx

  2. I'm a lot better with money now than before I had my son. I would have no food in the fridge or cupboard for 3-4 days before pay day and looking back now I wonder what on earth I spent my money on because I definitely don't have anything to show for it!

  3. What has changed for me is my relationship with work. I used to be so keen to climb the corporate ladder. I have recently returned to work three days a week and have a completely different attitude to work now. It is what pays the bills and what gives me some time out. At this stage it is nothing more than that. Great topic of discussion.


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