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Have you been getting fruity?

No, NOT that!!.. this...

When I moved 'over the bridge' and into a bigger pad the furniture that totally filled my little semi just floated around my new weatherboard. We moved 7 minutes up the road, spent next to nothing on top of our sale price and double our house size.. we so should have done it earlier. Anyway back to the fruity behaviour.

Our little semi had colour on the walls so we went quite neutral with our furniture, once we moved in here we not only had furniture that had apparently shrunk but just all looked a bit same, same.

You can't change things overnight due to cost (or we certainly could not as I built DTLL at the same time) so we have added bits and pieces as we have gone along. I mix old (Vinnies & DTLL) with new (DTLL)

I played with accessories over time..

Had my fab Vinnies finds to add to our 'original decor'..

and of recent the kids bedroom had their final bits added..

So now I have finally got to the living room and dining room and I am going totally fruity.. like sorta literally.. I will show you what I get up to in the next week or so but the reason I asked if you have been getting fruity is because I have been told even the well to do people are.

My girlfriend Elissa is an Interior Designer and she popped over for a hot water.. yes she asked for hot water?!.. less said the better, ha ha. Anywho I was saying how we have really started liking our 'colour pops' and she said she has been called back to a few of her previous design jobs a year or so after finishing to be asked for some fruitiness to be added. So apparently I am not unique - who knew?!

So have you been getting fruity of late?

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