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I made it over...

There was this one spot in our house that has never felt right.. a dining room was a new luxury to us when we moved into this house and whilst we had furniture to fit in there it was our old kitchen/dining table with a rug we had been using in our living room and well it just felt a bit vacant....

SO with the help of my beautiful baby DTLL I made it over...

I moved the reading chair I had from Kitty's nursery into one corner and a side table from the living room beside it then grabbed a Nana chair from Vinnies for $10 as we will re cover both of them when we can afford it..

The light shades I now have throughout the house and are even better in the flesh than on line

My rug I am totally in love with and the chairs are stunning.. they make the kids sit better too!

My pineapple decals took only an afternoon to do and were easy as pie... (Thanks Simone for tips on dotting the wall with pencil before you even start)

I have a another artwork to frame in the reading nook, as we call it, so I will show you that end later :)

So? what do you think? Too white or just right? 


  1. The two artworks you have in this room are stunning, is one of them a Bromley? The room looks great.xT

  2. Just right. It is beautiful. I love the little nook with those two years and that gorgeous light! And your art work is amazing.

  3. Sigh.

    It's bloody marvellous Tess.

    Good work baby DTLL ;)

  4. Great job. Nothing beats a room makeover - better and cheaper than moving house or doing the full renovation job. I recently did a home-office makeover and I'm still staring lovingly at it.

  5. I luuuuuuuurv it. Especially the pineapple wall detailing. It is all so you! x


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