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Just for the love..

I created Down that Little Lane to be a family, my extended family. A collection of people that I admire for their talent and am willing to go above and beyond to ensure their talent does not go un noticed.

Some of them design, others custom make and the rest have the magic eye that combined with a love of all things quality and unique create a divine collection within their own boutiques.

I love supporting them, I love helping them any way I can and in turn that makes me love what I do. Yes I work long, long hours and yes I wonder when I will actually see the financial return but truly, truly those thoughts are very infrequent and the happiness and pride I have in DTLL and our team beats then 100 to 1.

So what's the point Tess? Well the point is tonight that pride turned to tears, tears of joy as I was truly humbled. The first gifts of Christmas are under my tree, gifts for my children, gifts from one of our stores to say 'Thank you for the Support'.

I am yet again swelling with pride and joy that clearly my vision of creating a family is alive and well.

I mean surely sending gifts to another persons children is something reserved for those we consider our family? our extended family... a family I am so proud to call my own..

Thank you you, you know who you are and you have made my year a success in just your one action..

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  1. You have made my year lovely and the unconditional support you give is always noticed and I am truly grateful, merry Christmas to you and yours xxx


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