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Keeping Control..

There is so much you can't control in life.. and these days I just ride the waves.. I enjoy surfing (metaphorically speaking) I never used too but now I see it as a chance to take stock, reflect on what has happened and see what I can learn from it..

Since living in Australia I have become far more philosophical in my approach to friendships, business and even parenthood. Having my parents here for the last year has made that ever so obvious to me and between this gorgeous country, my oh so pragmatic husband and surrounding myself with positive people I am rather at peace with the way I live my life.

There is only one* element I like to control (and secretly I think it is because I can never truly TOTALLY just go with the flow) and thats my physical strength and ability. I love pushing my body to fatigue, testing my mental willpower and essentially it is all about me and no one else can change that ability but me so its my way of keeping control..

Are you a control freak? How do you deal with things that shock you in life?

*small disclaimer that I am possibly a little OCD about the house presentation.. another keeping control thang


  1. Not a control freak at all, sadly I think I could do with a little of that.

  2. Yes, unfortunately, but I'm much better than I used to be. I'm sure that over the years my children will keep reminding me how little control I really have!

  3. Ahhh yes, I am. It is something I'm consistently working on. I find it hard to let go of the reins alot of the time. I am trying though and maybe one day I can surf too :)

  4. I used to be a control freak but had to give it up as it was too stressful! Now it just comes out every now and then ;) xx

  5. Ah no I am not a control freak, in fact the opposite. I need to gain some more control at times I think

  6. I WISH I craved controlling my body. It's only everything else that I have tabs on. But I like to think that could all change with one great moment of clairty at some point in my life. Just waiting patiently for that. xx


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