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Stills : A Weekly Collection..

: The Boat House is a place of beauty and good food.. it feeds my soul
: Three little men for a full day of fun on a wet and windy day.. I won't lie.. it was testing!
: I shared this amazing Car Park I visited in the city and it got us all dreaming of underground markets
: Uncle Christopher flew in from the UK for 2 days.. Cuddles and Coffee ALL weekend
: The Dining Room make over, deets to come but shades, decals, rug and a set of new chairs...
: Filming is always fun, especially with a good crew.. this is or a presentation I am making next year.
: The rain has my Jasmine climbing high to kiss my fairy lights out the front
: One French Summer..... one of my favourite stores .... EVER..
: Do gifts come any better from UK visitors?

What was your week like? I could sleep for a week just remembering mine :)

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