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Stills : A Weekly Collection

: Once in a while cheap chinese is just the best and the kids think jasmine tea is nectar
: This has happened twice this week.. do you see it? it is empty...
: We have had the same dinner set FOREVER and so we are changing it up.. mix n match styleeee..
: Soaking and Sowing.. my hubby is having an effect on me and I may just one day get green thumbs
: Sleep has been something I needed this week but has not quite managed to happen..
: Work with rest and work with play is the order of the day.. hey it is Christmas and I run a website :)

What you been up to this week ? 


  1. Now I want cheap Chinese...and for my laundry basket to be empty!

    1. well my sweet.. they are both achieveable for very little cost so go an concur :)

  2. Visiting here via The Beetle your photos...especially that empty washing basket...what's not to love about an empty washing basket :)

  3. gorgeous photos Tessa. Love those pineapple decals x

  4. Love the patterns and colour throughout your pics. Here's hoping sleep doesn't escape you for too much longer!!


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