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Summer Sun...

I can't even say Summer is on the way as to be honest it feels like it has well and truly arrived. We have been at the beach for the past 3 weekends without fail and the garden is flowering in all its glory so we can enjoy afternoons sitting in luxury, a shade for the kids and a gorgeous iced juice..

The turn in weather has had us re arranging the outdoor settings and contemplating some new bits and pieces and I thought I would share our finds and inspiration (husby is desperate to have a hanging chair for this little corner we have on the deck)..

All images have come from the Down that Little Lane Pinterest Boards and you can find the items featured here..

Adirondacks you can find here
The hanging chairs here,
The tented area is yours to create...
The hammocks are in every colour here
The swing here
The Peacock Chair here or here 
The Pod Chair here or here
Macrame Hangers are here
That stunning Umbrella here
and the Hammock Chair here

Are you changing things around outdoors this year or all set already? 

* this post originally appeared on LifeInstyle

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