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Words have power.. I am personally affected by them in a huge way.

No words are the worst. I am an extremely loyal person, often to a fault, and sometimes even a lack of words from someone can have a huge effect on me.That said I prefer not to focus on the negative and for me words are a form of positivity.

A collection of words on a long run in music, the beat, the message and the melody can lift me and take me faster. Give me a good soul sisters ballad and I am singing at the top of  my lungs feeling empowered and like she and I are one.

Words, just single words or short, simple sayings are something I can glance and and change my focus in seconds. These are the reason I love personalised, custom items as I can tailor them to 'my' words the ones that bring me strength and make me smile.

My favourite words are the ones shared between loved ones, the conversations you have with friends that stay with you forever. The best thing of all is when those words you shared come back to you, when one of those people repeats them back to you months later showing you they were listening, finds a gift that reminds them and you of that afternoon coffee your shared or take it to the max and they make you a gift that epitomises 'your' words, the ones that mean so much to you and you may have only said once.. THAT.. that shows they not only listened but they got it, they get you and more than that they love you enough to let you know..

So when that happens, feel touched and feel special.. I did..

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  1. I did not think it was possible to adore you any more than I already did, but every week that goes by I adore you that much more xxx


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