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Rolling into 2014..

I love this saying as it assumes you have an open heart, no doubts or reservations belong here, a can do attitude with courage and convcition are all that will work.

I love new starts, adventures into the unknown are scary but fun and a chance to practice your new ideas and pursue different paths....This is how I treat the start of every new year... 

Do you use certain dates as trigger points for a clean slate or a new chance at something?

The Easiest Pavlova..

by Guy of course.. and just in time for NYE!


Are you  a Pavlova Fan? I like mine a little goey on the inside..

Merry Christmas..

I would love to have a big white house and just surround my self with simpleness but to be honest it is not practical nor ever likely so I just enjoy living them through Pinterest :)

Drunken Christmas Cherries..

I am off for a Christmas Party this afternoon with the gorgeous Guy and rather secretly hoping he has some of these hanging about..

Want to make some yourself check this..

Did you know you can meet Guy yourself? He hosts intimate dinners each week in Bondi....

I can feel the calm..

Seriously where did the year go? 2013 has been a MASSIVE year... Ups and downs, highs and lows, mistakes made and lessons learnt, friendships strengthened while others drift.. Have I enjoyed it? HELL YEAH!.

* My little lady had completed her first year of Kindy and now my little man is ready to follow her.
* My parents moved to Australia and are now moving back to the UK ( I am choosing to ignore this fact in my end of year sums ups as its going to rip my heart in two and thats a bit of a downer)
* Husby moved jobs and I feel is in a far more brilliant space in his life, he just signed up for the North Face 100k and thats always a sign of feeling up for anything when we feel the need to race.
* I have managed to successfully work and yet be engaged in the kids lives at two different schools whilst taking back control of my training that I cherish so much

I don't think I will be able to claim a good work life balance for another year or so, maybe even never but this year I have created paths and found my tribe.

I know what works for me and my family, my life and my community I support on the website... It has all come together this year and now I am itching to feel the calm of Christmas and roll into 2014 feeling the way I do right now..

How has your year gone? Have you even had tim to reflect yet?

Stills : A Weekly Collection

: I have been playing along on Instagram everyday with Nikki's #everydaystyle
: we have been all about food this week, simple and fresh...back to basics
: insanity training is in full force, the residual fatigue is a killer but the adrenalin is addictive
: it was a week of awesome meetings.. I love making new connections
: my christmas, birthday and christmas again present arrived.. we will name her Maggie, my Thermomix lady was amazing.. so many fab tips on set up and I have been creating ever since
: my wreath is drying out but still making me smile and think back to this

How was your week? 

*linking up with Em of course

One Resolution I know I will be keeping..

The Broad Place from The Broad Place on Vimeo.

I CANNOT wait to do this course... I have got to know Jacqui well this year and she is an incredible woman. The way she lives and loves her life has transformed the way I want to live mine.

I met Jacqui through work, she is driven yet focused and would never waste her time learning to teach something she was not passionate about nor anything she did not truly believe would blow you away.

Watching the video gives me shivers and once I work out who I can wrangle to have my kids one Saturday and Sunday next year I am locking in 2 spots for me and my man..

Do you need focus and relaxation in your life but always feel to short on time? Best get over the The Broad Place then :)

Do you meditate? Did it take practice?

When it just feels special...

Last Sunday I went to gathering in Centennial Park.. Under a shady tree sat a long rustic table dressed in stunning native flowers with vintage crockery and some of the most delicious food ever seen..

The stunning decoration and delicate touches were all created by Emma Duckworth and Erika Rax, both amazing stylist and creatives in their own right but what they created above and beyond that was a truly special experience.

I felt lucky to be part of it and grateful to have the time away and share such wonderful company in something not just anyone could create.

After lunch we all sat and created our own wreath with the beautiful native flowers Emma and Erika had provided us.. some individuals showed immediate flare, others, namely myself, took rather a lot longer to find their groove but by the end of it I was happy enough with my creation and had a lovely bunch of flowers left over to take home..

It was such a relaxing afternoon I felt truly revived on coming back home and have decided I really will make some effort to get creative a bit more often.. its good for the soul.

Do you craft much? Do you do it alone? I am thinking the company was rather key to the extra enjoyment... I may just have to create a crafting buddy (Sonia.. you fancy ?)

Life down South...

Taking time out is not something me 'n' my boy manage to do too often but recently we used a gift voucher we had been bought en masse by our family for Paperbark Camp..

So what is Paperbark Camp, well it is a Eco Friendly Hotel as such except you are in tents.. I suppose they would class it as Glamping as you have a real bed and can take a shower or even a bath. The restaurant serves AMAZING food and its not expensive for the quality ($55 a head for 4 courses, no drinks included).

I am not sure what the best time of year is to go but if it is cold... you will be cold! I was freezing and it wasn't even winter but the tree cover means even if sunny you would not be getting a tan :)

There is no electricity in the tent so you are forced to relax and read or sleep. I mean the don't ban computers or phones but you don't feel inclined.. As for activities, you can go for a walk/jog, take a bike ride or grab a kayak but that is IT.

We pottered off to the National Park and discovered beaches and ruins and just walked and talked, oh and blasted out music in such a fashion that I am sure we got some tuts from elders but pfft it was our weekend and we were re living the old days pre small people.

Have you been to Paperbark? What did you think? Do you love the South Coast? Tell me new places because I am 100% going back.. just possibly to a real camping site for more fun x

Creative Christmas..

Christmas is a fabulous time of year and whilst the main focus is often presents, I rather think the decorating, entertainment and lead up is just as creates the buzz. Me.. I am a fan of white and silver theme as a base and then I add decorations and new its and pieces I am inspired to make to that mix in with that.

You really can create and give the most divine things without spending a fortune, it makes it so much more special when you spend some precious time creating those pieces that form the memories made through December.

I have gathered some visual inspiration from my Pinterest 'Ho Ho Ho' Board but our FB Page had some fab ideas of advent book countdowns (a new christmassy book per day?) family activities each day (with a christmas theme)..

I love these simple advent calendars.. brown paper bags, vintage tags, some string, cardboard and some toilet rolls and there you are.. does it get more simple? 

It is so simple to wrap with simple base papers and just use extra special ribbon, tape or little clay tags. They cost nothing and no doubt will be kept as a keepsake for a long time to come...

These Cookies Mixes are also a lovely gift (another inexpensive one), great for kids to do with you or you could try and make your own if you fancy?!

As for around the house I love these simple visuals.. fairy lights wrapped around a homemade wooden star or pinned on a wall in a tree shape.. collect your own greenery and form a wreath with love notes on a chalkboard as an accompaniment or create a vignette with a Christmas print and your favourite jug filled with adorned twigs.

For me the personal touch is what makes gift giving and Christmas a fabulous time of year and each year I add to my collection by just an item or two. This year I will get personalised decorations for my little guys.

How do you decorate your house? Do you stick to a theme? Any fab money savers? 

If you want to take a look at those ideas from Facebook they are here..

*I wrote part of this post for LifeInstyle last month

You know it is allowed?

.... Flora and Fauna that sits on a track, the side of the road or even over the fence line of a neighbour.. it is all fair game and you can potter along with your scissors and snip away.

Back in my PT days there was a lady in Mosman who used to walk every morning with her scissors and I often passed her, empty handed on the outward journey, as I went running off down some bsuhtrack. I would run 12k whilst she pottered 2 or 3 and we would pass the same point on return with her looking ready to go down the aisle with her stunning bouquet she has collected on her travels. I was shocked in my early days but as time went on I thought how nice it actually was that she would take what hung over a pavement and dress her house daily with new buds to make her smile.

I am lucky to have a garden with a fair few flowers but Kitty and I have taken to going on a wander after school and collecting from the verges around our neighbourhood. I still feel like I am stealing even though I know they belong to no one but it is worth the moment of shame once I have them home around my house.

Do you 'borrow' from your local area?

Stills : A Weekly Collection

: bondi bound to my second home.. the boys crack me up, guy feeds us amazing food and the view... oh the view...
: christmas happened here this week as I am away this weekend and well the kids were keen!
: I really am obsessed with flowers right about now.. they are giving me ore pleasure than the norm
: love my new ladder, yet to be painted or find a purpose let alone spot to rest but that will come.. $10 from Vinnies, how could I resist
: ice  cream with life, love and hiccups
: stolen sleep, much needed sleep always to be awakened by our ever loving old man..
: thank you messages that touch so deep
: uber playing is my newest phase.. far more fun than a new wardrobe...
: voyager minis have arrived and belleville smells like babies... I am in love

* linking up with Em