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Life down South...

Taking time out is not something me 'n' my boy manage to do too often but recently we used a gift voucher we had been bought en masse by our family for Paperbark Camp..

So what is Paperbark Camp, well it is a Eco Friendly Hotel as such except you are in tents.. I suppose they would class it as Glamping as you have a real bed and can take a shower or even a bath. The restaurant serves AMAZING food and its not expensive for the quality ($55 a head for 4 courses, no drinks included).

I am not sure what the best time of year is to go but if it is cold... you will be cold! I was freezing and it wasn't even winter but the tree cover means even if sunny you would not be getting a tan :)

There is no electricity in the tent so you are forced to relax and read or sleep. I mean the don't ban computers or phones but you don't feel inclined.. As for activities, you can go for a walk/jog, take a bike ride or grab a kayak but that is IT.

We pottered off to the National Park and discovered beaches and ruins and just walked and talked, oh and blasted out music in such a fashion that I am sure we got some tuts from elders but pfft it was our weekend and we were re living the old days pre small people.

Have you been to Paperbark? What did you think? Do you love the South Coast? Tell me new places because I am 100% going back.. just possibly to a real camping site for more fun x


  1. Look at you two gorgeous creatures, all relaxed like. Paperbark Camp is on my list and has been for ages. x

  2. You guys should be the models for that place SERIOUSLY! xx


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