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One Resolution I know I will be keeping..

The Broad Place from The Broad Place on Vimeo.

I CANNOT wait to do this course... I have got to know Jacqui well this year and she is an incredible woman. The way she lives and loves her life has transformed the way I want to live mine.

I met Jacqui through work, she is driven yet focused and would never waste her time learning to teach something she was not passionate about nor anything she did not truly believe would blow you away.

Watching the video gives me shivers and once I work out who I can wrangle to have my kids one Saturday and Sunday next year I am locking in 2 spots for me and my man..

Do you need focus and relaxation in your life but always feel to short on time? Best get over the The Broad Place then :)

Do you meditate? Did it take practice?

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