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Stills : A Weekly Collection

: bondi bound to my second home.. the boys crack me up, guy feeds us amazing food and the view... oh the view...
: christmas happened here this week as I am away this weekend and well the kids were keen!
: I really am obsessed with flowers right about now.. they are giving me ore pleasure than the norm
: love my new ladder, yet to be painted or find a purpose let alone spot to rest but that will come.. $10 from Vinnies, how could I resist
: ice  cream with life, love and hiccups
: stolen sleep, much needed sleep always to be awakened by our ever loving old man..
: thank you messages that touch so deep
: uber playing is my newest phase.. far more fun than a new wardrobe...
: voyager minis have arrived and belleville smells like babies... I am in love

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  1. Oh the ladder. Currently my collection stands at 5. Maybe pop it in the bathroom for towel hanging or the bedroom for scarves and bags.
    Lovely stills from your week.

  2. Lots of things I love, anything Christmas, Sonia of course and that ladder, been looking for one myself for months...sure I will find one eventually for the right price x

  3. Looks like a lovely week Tessa! x

  4. Gorgeous flowers! And that ladder is just fabulous!
    Sophie x


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