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Stills : A Weekly Collection

: I have been playing along on Instagram everyday with Nikki's #everydaystyle
: we have been all about food this week, simple and fresh...back to basics
: insanity training is in full force, the residual fatigue is a killer but the adrenalin is addictive
: it was a week of awesome meetings.. I love making new connections
: my christmas, birthday and christmas again present arrived.. we will name her Maggie, my Thermomix lady was amazing.. so many fab tips on set up and I have been creating ever since
: my wreath is drying out but still making me smile and think back to this

How was your week? 

*linking up with Em of course


  1. Oh I love your thermomix.... lots of sorbet for Christmas!
    Have a wonderful week. x

  2. We love our thermomix here....I've had mine for 2 years. Just made playdough in it today for the kids to play with. Check out the pictures here.


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