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When it just feels special...

Last Sunday I went to gathering in Centennial Park.. Under a shady tree sat a long rustic table dressed in stunning native flowers with vintage crockery and some of the most delicious food ever seen..

The stunning decoration and delicate touches were all created by Emma Duckworth and Erika Rax, both amazing stylist and creatives in their own right but what they created above and beyond that was a truly special experience.

I felt lucky to be part of it and grateful to have the time away and share such wonderful company in something not just anyone could create.

After lunch we all sat and created our own wreath with the beautiful native flowers Emma and Erika had provided us.. some individuals showed immediate flare, others, namely myself, took rather a lot longer to find their groove but by the end of it I was happy enough with my creation and had a lovely bunch of flowers left over to take home..

It was such a relaxing afternoon I felt truly revived on coming back home and have decided I really will make some effort to get creative a bit more often.. its good for the soul.

Do you craft much? Do you do it alone? I am thinking the company was rather key to the extra enjoyment... I may just have to create a crafting buddy (Sonia.. you fancy ?)


  1. What a beautiful afternoon. I've already gushed and aahed over at Son's blog. Sigh. I think your wreath looks great! I'm a little bit inspired. ANYTIME you wanna get your craft on, you know who to call!! x

  2. I finally made my wreath today! I don't think it was as relaxing and inspiring as the afternoon you toddler had some play dough so I knew I had about ten minutes to get it done. I might treat myself to some after the fact cake tomorrow!

  3. New Years resolution for us - MORE CRAFTING!!!! xx

  4. those wreaths are amazing. looks like the perfect setting for creative making. x


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