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You know it is allowed?

.... Flora and Fauna that sits on a track, the side of the road or even over the fence line of a neighbour.. it is all fair game and you can potter along with your scissors and snip away.

Back in my PT days there was a lady in Mosman who used to walk every morning with her scissors and I often passed her, empty handed on the outward journey, as I went running off down some bsuhtrack. I would run 12k whilst she pottered 2 or 3 and we would pass the same point on return with her looking ready to go down the aisle with her stunning bouquet she has collected on her travels. I was shocked in my early days but as time went on I thought how nice it actually was that she would take what hung over a pavement and dress her house daily with new buds to make her smile.

I am lucky to have a garden with a fair few flowers but Kitty and I have taken to going on a wander after school and collecting from the verges around our neighbourhood. I still feel like I am stealing even though I know they belong to no one but it is worth the moment of shame once I have them home around my house.

Do you 'borrow' from your local area?


  1. gorgeous. my mum and I used to do the ol' graze for flowers routine! flowers bring so much joy to a household don't they?

  2. I'm a forager from long ago!
    They look lovely

  3. During spring I love to collect blossoms from the trees near our house. They are not near anyone's home, but I still feel I need to do it when no-one is looking! Your blooms look lovely.

  4. Love this. I have had many a funny look loading up the pram with roses and geraldton wax flowers from the back of the KFC carpark in town. Ha ha..I do this all the time. Sometimes I even go one further and get a cutting so I can grow it myself. Sharing is caring right?


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