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Collections : Dreamy Summer Dayz

Our Gorgeous Sherry is back with a Collection called Dreamy Summer Dayz...
I love how each collection that our sellers or customers create says so much about who they are. Sherry's collection shoes that even on a lazy summer day she is thinking about her kids and that she would head to the beach for sure...

Have you made a collection yet?
Just hit the add to collection button on the product page of an item you love and then create a collection name..
Make a few, share them with me and I can share them here
Oh and of course if you share them and someone buys an item from them you will be rewarded by us with 2% of the sale.. straight into your account to use against your next purchase :)

52 weeks of Grateful : Connections....

Whether Down that Little Lane had been a success or not today I would still have been able to say I was grateful for the connections I have made.

Luckily it is growing faster and better than I ever dreamed but yet again, whilst I will modestly take responsibility for a large portion of our success, I would be nothing without the support I have had from   our amazing store owners and the other women I have found to be part of my tribe.

I have so much love for them all. It is pride, mixed with loyalty and this overwhelming feeling I have to want to see them succeed in whatever they do, to see them happy, to see them glowing the way they make me glow after a day of emailing, a long chat or a dinner on a wet night like I had tonight

Connections take time and effort as does anything good in life and yes some of them have let me down or not returned, let alone noticed my loyalty but most of the people I adore make me feel the love straight back. 

Today I am grateful I have these people in my life and I am grateful they came to me when times were hard and are still

Get the Look : The Block Week 2

Collections : Small Comforts

The KinKit Girls had so much fun making a collection they came back with another... "Small Comforts" oh this one has me at the heart strings.. its soft and perfect. I love how all the colours work.

Really in love with this one... funny that because I love taking my daily remedy from the girls too!

Stills : A weekly collection

: Kitty got a gold star.. I said what is that look when I saw the picture and then found one of me earlier in the  week making dinner and having a groove
: Still adding to my office
: Enjoying watching Chinese New Year Celebrations
: I have to stay a while once I switch this on for the kids each night..
: Gazing at designs and artwork..
; Remembering a fabulous night of chatting with Em, seems so long ago now.. well before baby beetleshack was even a peanut!

Linking up with Em for her weekly stills collection

Get the Look : Week 1 The Block All Stars

So you requested Phil n Amitys Room via your votes on our Facebook Page  and here it is DTLL style.. how to get the look from us :)

Collections : Pink makes the boys wink :)

So cheeky and I love that... so schoolgirl and I love that too.. Amanda is the creator at NeekieNoo and has been having a blast making collections. How do I know? well she had done 3 totally brilliant ones within a few days of us launching the ability to do so!

I rather love just about everything in her shop but my top pick is the peter pan collars..what is yours?

Get the Look : The Fresh Nursery

Stills : A Weekly Collection

: Visiting Vintage Furniture Stores is my Nirvana
: Abandoned Trains
: Really loving flowers this week
: My wreath had another makeover
: Some families just gel the world over. Metting my MIL's Cousin.. felt like we had known them forever
: Back to my flowers.. told you..
: Kids do the funniest things
: My office is coming along

Collections : Thinking of France

The hero of one of this months panels on DTLL is this weeks Collection Curator.
Say Hi to Jason from Bleecker Street Vintage..
a stunning eye is what we require for any vintage sellers on DTLL and Jason has just that..

My favourite item of Jasons?.. Oooh that is a toughy BUT I think it would have to be one of his recycled weekenders.. it is not vintage but it has the same uniqueness that vintage also brings

I am a Love Bug : Valentines

Questions : What is your Mission ?

Once in a while it is good to sit back and plan/think/take stock. I like to ask questions of myself. Sometimes I ask a question I have already asked myself to see how I change.

It is as healthy to challenge your mind as it is to challenge your body.

Today I say.....  What is your Mission?.... This week mine looks like this as I have been busy with work and neglecting what I love...

Get the Look : Black & White

1. arrow cushion
2. eco cup
3. trucker hat
4. feather tea towel
5. jonathan ward london candle
6. love life live
7. time to milk clock
8. bus scroll
9. iconic scarf
10. fabric earrings
11. zac the zebra