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A surprise bedroom makeover..

DTLL is always about family and we were so proud to hear about a host of out stores had done the most wonderful bedroom make over for a very deserving young lady..

Our lovely Nicole said 'A few months ago we were introduced to the story of a brave little twelve year old girl from Melbourne who after a routine medical check up was rushed to hospital to undergo a heroic sixteen hour surgery to remove one of the two brain tumors found in her head.

Since that time Ashlee has had to relearn the basics and life for the family has been a busy schedule of Doctor's appointments and rehab. But, you won't hear Ashlee's beautiful Mum Coral or her little sister Hayli complain. They are such a positive and inspiring group of ladies and we wanted to help out the only way we know how... Through interior design.

After months of scheming and planning we pulled off the ultimate surprise bedroom makeover with the help of some generous Aussie businesses'

Raindrop Decals // Pony // Print

Raindrop Decals // Pony 

Tribal Bunny

Well done guys just amazing and clearly a total hit..

Photo's by Lee

Pay it Forward..

Have you? Are you? Did you ever?....

I don't know if you have seen the FB status update doing the rounds..

To start the year off in a loving way, I’m participating in Pay-It-Forward - it's such a powerful and lovely way to spread joy and kindness throughout the year. :

The first five people who comment on this status with "I'm in", will receive a surprise from me at some point in the year - anything from a book, a ticket, a visit, somet
hing home grown or made, a postcard, absolutely anything.

These five people must make the same offer in their FB status and distribute their own joy. Simply copy this text onto your profile.

Let's do more nice and loving things for each other in 2014, without any reason other than to make each other smile and to show that we think of each other.

I love this idea.. the people that hopped on board with me from my personal life are totally different, which I love. One of them is an old client from my Personal Training days (yes I am still mates with old clients.. clearly I was too nice) another is an absolute best mate back in the UK.. a couple I immediately know what I want to do for them and others I will be stalking their FB for some extra hints.

I am 100% making something for everyone and I may even allocate myself a little budget to buy something special and I am 100% getting everyone something from DTLL :)

I am thinking of doing it 'from' Down that Little Lane too.. Maybe 1 or 2 people a month?

Would you do it? Should I do it for DTLL? 

I will always have time...

Last year was a real eye opener to me.. I thought I knew myself pretty well, and I do but one thing I learnt more about were some of the things that I am more passionate about than I recognised.


The last one on the list has become quite work related and I think that is probably just as so much of my life revolves around the website but the first is still the most paramount as it relates to EVERYTHING. 

Friendship is something we all need, with our partners, our children, our colleagues but most of all our mates. 

I like to think my people know that I am ALWAYS available for them, that nothing they ever ask would ever be too much and my work would NEVER EVER be more important. I fear a few do not though..

I certainly I have some of those sort of friendships in my life and whilst I have never put them to the test I know they would come up trumps

2013 saw far too much time pass between some of my friendships. I reached out a few times to rather lack lustre responses and these have sat really heavy in my heart. We all get busy but with good old FB I can see them socialising all year through so surely if they loved me as much as I do them (yes I do say I love my friends) they would find them time.

I have had a chat about it with those that really firmly sit in my tribe and we all think friendships can come and go, some even having a couple of years break only to return to the perfection they once were. I just cant help but feel slightly rejected and put out. I feel like my loyalty is not returned and thats makes me want to walk away.

Have you lost friendships only to find them at a later date? Am I being a paranoid arse? 

Stils : A Weekly Collection

: I fear we may be entering a collecting stage, cards, keyrings, stickers and now these..
: Renagade Collective, I try to get time to read you. I fail often
: Healthy eating is still going well it just happens to be with a side order of chocolate on the weekends
: I started Monday by changing all the flowers..
: School holidays have meant garden time for all. I will admit I would be happy to have just had endless lazy days but the kids need more than that..
: I made my first tassel.. it is not great but it was fun...
: I have been pretty useless at arranging playdates but this week we had one, one of Kitty's oldest friends.. the old ones are often the best..
: Archie Boy has been visiting, he wakes far too early but he plays very sweetly and is a lovely companion to Obi so I am forgiving him the silly start to the day.

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Harrington : You adore your family, you tell us all often. I could offer you the best toy ever or a cuddle and you would always go for a cuddle. 
Kitty : We get glimpses of the teenager you will one day be, she is pretty chilled and very accommodating which gives me hope :)

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Pistachio and Cranberry Protein Balls..

I made these over the weekend and shared them on Instagram and FB to be promptly emailed and messaged for the recipe so thought I had better pop here and share it forever.

It is very simple but I warn you.. stopping at one is desperately hard!

150g dates,
3/4 cup protein powder
1/2 cup macadamias
1/3 cup pistachios
2/3 cup cranberries
1/2 cup cacao cashew butter
1/4 cup dark agave nectar (you can use honey instead)..
blitz 'n' roll then store in the fridge for up to two weeks..NO chance!

Don't take it for granted.

I saw an old friend in the supermarket the other day. It has been over a year since we last chatted. 

We were only friends from a previous pre school but this lady is a kind, caring thoughtful one. She remembers you and your kids. She is a glass half full and her clouds always have a silver lining. 

In short she is a joy to be around.

Well it has been a year because she has been fighting the biggest fight of her life. Her health has not been kind and neither has the treatment. She really was forced but also wanted to just do her thing and now she has she is back in the 'hood and I am looking forward to a longer chat and laugh than we had right there in Woolworths.

The reason for this post? Simply to say.. never assume, never think there is no reason to try.. never take your health for granted. 

Eat healthy, get out of breath a few times a week with some exercise and look after your mind, talk if you need... 

She did and I truly believe that is why she has never changed even through this all.. I have so much respect and love for her spirit and attitude I just had to write it down..

Do you try? Or are you taking it all for granted? 

Stills : A Weekly Collection

: Enjoying no school with lazy mornings working from bed with these two chipmunks distracting me.
: When one has playdates, one must craft.. garlands are as good as I get (not so crafty)
: My converting the kids to only healthy eating is here to stay and fruit is the only treat in this house.
: Meetings with amazing creatives for a new project with such flowers at my table should never be called work but I love that they are..
: A nature walk, 2 hrs of chatter and some foraging for blooms was good for the soul with a side serve of well worn out kids.
: The weeks continue, the sun is out and swimming is in abundance
: My little lady loves to rally whilst the little man plays umpire.

How are you going this week? are you at work or play or mixing it up like me?


Harrington : Old enough to sit on the other side of the ferry taking in the goings on but still young enough to require his Elly joins him..
Kitty : So many wise little words come from your mind and your understanding of how to lead a peaceful life in our family unit grows every day...

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The Naked Thing..

Do you go naked around your house? Do your kids? We do. My parents did but I am just wondering when you have to stop?

Is it a known thing? Do we wait for the kids to start cringing then get the hint?

Anyone know?

Affordable Art..

I had a lovely interior designer come to my house a while back who proclaimed I had gorgeous art.. I was shocked.

It is not that I don't love my art, au contraire, I love every piece but it was more that it has no theme?

Well recently I went pottering onto the Saatchi Website and discovered they now have filters galore.. I can choose price, location ( um hello only searching asia pacific for me and any canvas needs). You can choose style etc like just the still life artists or for me, I go to the collections curated by others where I found this beauty

We have different styles of art all over the house. We don't own a huge amount but what we do we bought because we loved it and we knew what we were looking for before we found it.. many times searching for months to find the suitable piece in the right size.

For me price has always been an issue and the one thing that often led to disappointment was that I would find what I wanted in the right price range and then find out it was on the other side of the world!!

I am a little drawn to this piece but not as a huge original so when I noticed yo can buy lots of them as prints I started bookmarking and this slightly magnetic lady may well be on my walls..

The one thing I don't have that much of is photography, well none, apart from OUR photography and I think I may just have to change that. Only thing I can't decide is if I like just straight stunning photography like this..

or if I also like the manipulated like below (assuming he did not find a dinosaur roaming around)

Do you collect art? Ever spent more than $250 on anything for the walls?

The Colourful Life....

This is my first 'working' school holidays and I won't lie... I am struggling.  To be able to spend time with my kids I am up very early and working late into the evenings but if it allows me create some special memories I hope at the end of it all I will chalk it up as well worth it.

Well there is no other way to describe Exxopolis other than that.. colourful yet somehow peaceful. The texture of the whole exhibition was like a soft silky swimming hat, so gorgeous underfoot.

We went in by ferry with my friend Melina which was fun for the kids in itself and once inside we took a few minutes to let our eyes adjust. She snapped trendy architectural pictures whilst I lay on the floor with the kids pulling faces..

Have you been to any fab exhibitions lately ?

Stills : A Weekly Collection

: from minty to yellow, big change for the new year in my favourite space
: my floral obsession continues, simple and uncomplicated just how I like my life
: whilst Sonia and I planned DTLL marketing for 2014 our children swam. We ate and gossiped and drank and laughed and designed and worked.. it was an absolute pleasure.
: the thermomix is still fabulous and we are all enjoying lots more clean flavours
: she inspires me, she gets me, her family rock and her house is too comfortable.. I totally overstayed my welcome..
: he planted quite simply this year and it has been an abundant source of the tastiest vegetables. I am one proud wife..

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Kitty : Life is all a bit of a laugh this week and busking out the front of the house was a highlight
Harrington : Your confidence in the water has been magnified ten fold by the pure enjoyment of just being in it.

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