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Harington : A Little bit of the London Lad coming through that just has to be deep down in those genetics somewhere
Kitty: As you grow older you show how much you care for your little brother with your words and actions and remind me of your Dad when you allow him to have his way despite wanting yours...

This year I am determined to join Jodi with this project as I crave the connection with my children that it brings.. they may often be shared pictures as they rarely part but that is not  abad thing in my eyes as it is by choice not forced..


  1. Yay, you're here! Kitty looks like a mini-you there. Just gorgeous.

    But what is that scary looking, uh, thing pointing down at the kids in shot one? It looks like a... nah, couldn't be. What's wrong with me!? x

    1. Bron !!.. ok I could have better cropped but the kids is driving an ice cream van.. Lordy , Lord!


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