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A surprise bedroom makeover..

DTLL is always about family and we were so proud to hear about a host of out stores had done the most wonderful bedroom make over for a very deserving young lady..

Our lovely Nicole said 'A few months ago we were introduced to the story of a brave little twelve year old girl from Melbourne who after a routine medical check up was rushed to hospital to undergo a heroic sixteen hour surgery to remove one of the two brain tumors found in her head.

Since that time Ashlee has had to relearn the basics and life for the family has been a busy schedule of Doctor's appointments and rehab. But, you won't hear Ashlee's beautiful Mum Coral or her little sister Hayli complain. They are such a positive and inspiring group of ladies and we wanted to help out the only way we know how... Through interior design.

After months of scheming and planning we pulled off the ultimate surprise bedroom makeover with the help of some generous Aussie businesses'

Raindrop Decals // Pony // Print

Raindrop Decals // Pony 

Tribal Bunny

Well done guys just amazing and clearly a total hit..

Photo's by Lee


  1. This is just so beautiful. I wish Ashlee all the love and strength in the world. I have a similar story. At 16 I was found to have a brain stem tumour and rushed to hospital that day. The story repeated itself when I was 22. An epic 17.5 hr surgery from the most remarkable surgeons saved my life. I'm now 36, with vibrant, noisy beautiful four year old twin boys, and every single day I count my blessings. I am sure Ashlee will have a beautiful life x

    1. Oh wow, what a fabulous happy ending, thanks for sharing :)

  2. What an swesome thing to do for a young girl. You guys must've really made her day.

    Love the quilt cover in the pic, is it one of yours?

    1. There is a throw over a white quilt in aqua lattice from Adairs if that is what you mean Annaleis?

  3. Absolutely amazing . I lost my mum to an aggressive brain tumour and I can not imagine the pain of a little girl going through this. So amazing for you to do this and I wish beautiful little Ashlee all the best xo

  4. Such a beautiful beautiful room for an incredible little girl. I am o proud right now to work with you hun and all the gorgeous creatives involved xx

  5. Oh my goodness, I loved reading this story Tessa! Your a lovely one for coordinating this and I am sure it would be helping Ashlee with her recovery. Bless your cotton socks hon! Rachael xx

  6. Just lovely, what a lovely way to make a contribution.
    Visiting from Weekend rewind.


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