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Affordable Art..

I had a lovely interior designer come to my house a while back who proclaimed I had gorgeous art.. I was shocked.

It is not that I don't love my art, au contraire, I love every piece but it was more that it has no theme?

Well recently I went pottering onto the Saatchi Website and discovered they now have filters galore.. I can choose price, location ( um hello only searching asia pacific for me and any canvas needs). You can choose style etc like just the still life artists or for me, I go to the collections curated by others where I found this beauty

We have different styles of art all over the house. We don't own a huge amount but what we do we bought because we loved it and we knew what we were looking for before we found it.. many times searching for months to find the suitable piece in the right size.

For me price has always been an issue and the one thing that often led to disappointment was that I would find what I wanted in the right price range and then find out it was on the other side of the world!!

I am a little drawn to this piece but not as a huge original so when I noticed yo can buy lots of them as prints I started bookmarking and this slightly magnetic lady may well be on my walls..

The one thing I don't have that much of is photography, well none, apart from OUR photography and I think I may just have to change that. Only thing I can't decide is if I like just straight stunning photography like this..

or if I also like the manipulated like below (assuming he did not find a dinosaur roaming around)

Do you collect art? Ever spent more than $250 on anything for the walls?


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