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Don't take it for granted.

I saw an old friend in the supermarket the other day. It has been over a year since we last chatted. 

We were only friends from a previous pre school but this lady is a kind, caring thoughtful one. She remembers you and your kids. She is a glass half full and her clouds always have a silver lining. 

In short she is a joy to be around.

Well it has been a year because she has been fighting the biggest fight of her life. Her health has not been kind and neither has the treatment. She really was forced but also wanted to just do her thing and now she has she is back in the 'hood and I am looking forward to a longer chat and laugh than we had right there in Woolworths.

The reason for this post? Simply to say.. never assume, never think there is no reason to try.. never take your health for granted. 

Eat healthy, get out of breath a few times a week with some exercise and look after your mind, talk if you need... 

She did and I truly believe that is why she has never changed even through this all.. I have so much respect and love for her spirit and attitude I just had to write it down..

Do you try? Or are you taking it all for granted? 


  1. Hugs and kisses lovely Tessa:)

  2. She sounds like a beautiful soul Tessa and you know my feelings on why we run into someone or meet someone at certain times. I will try harder to be healthier. If not for me, but for everyone else who does not have the chance xx


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