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I will always have time...

Last year was a real eye opener to me.. I thought I knew myself pretty well, and I do but one thing I learnt more about were some of the things that I am more passionate about than I recognised.


The last one on the list has become quite work related and I think that is probably just as so much of my life revolves around the website but the first is still the most paramount as it relates to EVERYTHING. 

Friendship is something we all need, with our partners, our children, our colleagues but most of all our mates. 

I like to think my people know that I am ALWAYS available for them, that nothing they ever ask would ever be too much and my work would NEVER EVER be more important. I fear a few do not though..

I certainly I have some of those sort of friendships in my life and whilst I have never put them to the test I know they would come up trumps

2013 saw far too much time pass between some of my friendships. I reached out a few times to rather lack lustre responses and these have sat really heavy in my heart. We all get busy but with good old FB I can see them socialising all year through so surely if they loved me as much as I do them (yes I do say I love my friends) they would find them time.

I have had a chat about it with those that really firmly sit in my tribe and we all think friendships can come and go, some even having a couple of years break only to return to the perfection they once were. I just cant help but feel slightly rejected and put out. I feel like my loyalty is not returned and thats makes me want to walk away.

Have you lost friendships only to find them at a later date? Am I being a paranoid arse? 

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