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One Word

So my word last year was 'Future'.. to trust in the Future and look forward to it whatever it served. I did just that and it has been fabulous.

All years have ups and downs and we have had some truly huge challenges but we have risen from all of them and come out stronger and wiser which makes me so grateful for those that laid the challenges there in the first place.

So what is my word for this year?...  ADAPT

I have done lots of this in the last year and this year I want to fine tune it to get the best out of my days, further refine the way I work, rest and play. I have all the tools, the support and the knowledge and now I just need to adapt it to have it works at its best..

What is your word? Did you have one last year? How'd that go?

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  1. I don't know if I have a word per se, but this year I am focusing on growth…there are so many parts of my life that I would like to expand!

  2. Great word. I'm dong 'change', change for the better, exciting change, big change, subtle change. I'm pumped. All the best with your year x

  3. Oh Tess I love your quote. Adapt is a great word. Good luck with adapting in 2014. I think I may be doing some adapting myself. Jo xx

  4. I chose Focus & Energy for 2014. Due to last year's challenges both of those things were sorely lacking from my days.
    Jo @ BabbleOn City blog (dropping by via Maxabella Loves) x

  5. Oh, GREAT word, Tess. You're certainly the fittest, so it's no surprise that you'll also be adaptable. Darwin was right! x

  6. Love this word and sentiment Tess. It must be such a reassuring place to be where you're refining and enhancing a winning formula! Have a great year and Im looking forward to more gorgeousness from DTLL


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