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Stills : A Weekly Collection

: from minty to yellow, big change for the new year in my favourite space
: my floral obsession continues, simple and uncomplicated just how I like my life
: whilst Sonia and I planned DTLL marketing for 2014 our children swam. We ate and gossiped and drank and laughed and designed and worked.. it was an absolute pleasure.
: the thermomix is still fabulous and we are all enjoying lots more clean flavours
: she inspires me, she gets me, her family rock and her house is too comfortable.. I totally overstayed my welcome..
: he planted quite simply this year and it has been an abundant source of the tastiest vegetables. I am one proud wife..

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  1. every single one of those pics just make me smile - especially the ones i got to enjoy with you. Have I told you lately how much I LOVE your office!!! xx


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