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Stills : A Weekly Collection

: Enjoying no school with lazy mornings working from bed with these two chipmunks distracting me.
: When one has playdates, one must craft.. garlands are as good as I get (not so crafty)
: My converting the kids to only healthy eating is here to stay and fruit is the only treat in this house.
: Meetings with amazing creatives for a new project with such flowers at my table should never be called work but I love that they are..
: A nature walk, 2 hrs of chatter and some foraging for blooms was good for the soul with a side serve of well worn out kids.
: The weeks continue, the sun is out and swimming is in abundance
: My little lady loves to rally whilst the little man plays umpire.

How are you going this week? are you at work or play or mixing it up like me?


  1. Love love love those shiny pineapples xx

  2. cute garlands - very crafty!!
    the fruit salad looks so yum...I'd convert too

  3. Those flowers are gorgeous … Mother Nature at her best.

  4. Looks like a gorgeous week! Those cute morning faces x

  5. delicous fresh fruit, and gorgeous flowers...amazing colours! the pool looks so refreshing. popping in from em's stills :)


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