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Stils : A Weekly Collection

: I fear we may be entering a collecting stage, cards, keyrings, stickers and now these..
: Renagade Collective, I try to get time to read you. I fail often
: Healthy eating is still going well it just happens to be with a side order of chocolate on the weekends
: I started Monday by changing all the flowers..
: School holidays have meant garden time for all. I will admit I would be happy to have just had endless lazy days but the kids need more than that..
: I made my first tassel.. it is not great but it was fun...
: I have been pretty useless at arranging playdates but this week we had one, one of Kitty's oldest friends.. the old ones are often the best..
: Archie Boy has been visiting, he wakes far too early but he plays very sweetly and is a lovely companion to Obi so I am forgiving him the silly start to the day.

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  1. What a lovely way to start the week by dotting fresh flowers around the house.


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