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The Colourful Life....

This is my first 'working' school holidays and I won't lie... I am struggling.  To be able to spend time with my kids I am up very early and working late into the evenings but if it allows me create some special memories I hope at the end of it all I will chalk it up as well worth it.

Well there is no other way to describe Exxopolis other than that.. colourful yet somehow peaceful. The texture of the whole exhibition was like a soft silky swimming hat, so gorgeous underfoot.

We went in by ferry with my friend Melina which was fun for the kids in itself and once inside we took a few minutes to let our eyes adjust. She snapped trendy architectural pictures whilst I lay on the floor with the kids pulling faces..

Have you been to any fab exhibitions lately ?

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  1. I would be far too scared my boys would pop that big bubble or something nearly as bad as that :) xx


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