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The Naked Thing..

Do you go naked around your house? Do your kids? We do. My parents did but I am just wondering when you have to stop?

Is it a known thing? Do we wait for the kids to start cringing then get the hint?

Anyone know?


  1. I suppose until your kids make a comment is when I would stop. My sis in laws 3.5 year old was in the bath tub while she was having a shower and he made a comment to her 'I can see your boobies mummy' lol.

  2. Never, if you're comfortable. I doubt the kids will mind... x

  3. We have pondered this too! I grew up in a family 4 girls (my poor father) so we were a naked house, and I never questioned this until living out of gay male housemate didn't appreciate my nakedness. I wonder why?
    We don't yet have children, but we're both pretty open and go naked around the house often (I guess a lot of couples do?) and I wonder why/when this will end.
    I'm interested to know what others think, too? xx


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