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Freya and Sybilla’s Room Tour

I seriously gushed when I saw these pictures. I wanted to crawl right in and never leave. The fact that the room is chock full of DTLL goodies just made me like a proud Mumma!..

This room was designed by Belinda of Petite Vintage Interiors and photographed by Vellum Studios

I mean seriously.. do they come much better? Beautiful Shelving is a must. I love these 

Our sidetables are so useful as double as stools if needed 

Little touches can make a room and bookends will last forever

That cabinet is divine and I would steal it for my living room any day

The letter lights will be a keepsake through until they leave home and beyond for sure!!

Never forgetting above and below the rattan shade and stunning rug tie in the whole room 

Do you love it like I do? It feels so girly but it is fresh and changeable with a collection of items and furniture that can be kept as the children age.. I love investing in quality if I know I will still be using it years later. Don't you?

Popcorn Cake..

Last weekend we celebrated Harrington's Birthday.. two months late but as he didn't officially start school until February and I wanted him to be able to invite just a couple of new Kindy mates it just had to be that way and possibly will be the same each year!!..

Anywho the point to this post was that I made a popcorn cake.

I had a lunatic run up to this party with hubby away so much in the last few weeks and me presenting talks at the Gift Fairs so this party was thrown together on the Saturday morning (I was out on the Friday night too) so I wanted something easy..

12 cups of popcorn in a bowl, melt 100g of butter with 500g odd of marshmallows and a tablespoon of oil then mix it all together. Compact into a greased bundt tin and leave to set!. You can add in coloured lollies for a theme if you want too.

How do you go with cakes? Got an easier one for me? 

Nursery Decorating Workshop..

The gorgeous Emma from Nest Designs is running a Nursery Workshop in March and as I know how many of you guys are Mums to be I thought it would be rather remiss of me not to share..

If you are keen just hop here and check it out

Anyone done a nursery makeover recently? Oh do share :)

Accepting with Pride..

Last week I went to the Interiors Addict 7 Vignettes Night at BoConcept where the fab Darren Palmer was guest of honour. Jen did a fab Q&A which was really relaxed and asked all the cheeky questions you would want to know along with the much needed informative ones on how he got to be where he is..

I walked away from the evening in the best of moods for a three fold reason..

a) it was a top night and I got to meet lots of peeps I follow on Insta in person
b) I won  the 7 Vignettes challenge that was held that night and came home with a designer stool
c)... biggest of all I realised I have come to a point that I can accept compliments and praise about what I have created with Down that Little Lane and be proud.

I used to be coy and get quite flustered when anyone said I love what you do or your site is amazing but that night I said 'Thank you, I love it too and yes I am very proud of the family we have created'.

It wasn't until I left brimming full of the compliments I had been given and realising that this was the first time that I had taken them, loved them and accepted them that I had to phone hubby and say 'just wanted to call and say do you know what? I am proud of myself at last.. like truly proud.. be home in 15'

How do you go with compliments? My business is 2 years old and it has taken me this long.. is that idiotic?

An Uberfine Giveaway

We are so excited to announce that the gorgeous Uberfine range from Uberkate is now available on Down That Little Lane and to celebrate we and the gorgeous Simone from Style Life Home are giving away your choice of an Uberfine necklace to one lucky winner.

All you need to do to enter is leave us a comment telling us which Uberfine necklace would you choose and why. 

Then simply follow the prompts in the Rafflecopter Widget below and fingers crossed.... you could be the lucky winner. 

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So tell us which one would you choose?

Happy Birthday birdynumnumDesign !!

How did you start your business?
I was always making things for family and friends and turning it into a business was just inevitable really! Since I launched my label part-time in 2010 it has taken off and I now work full-time on my thriving little handmade business. I absolutely love it. I feel so lucky that I have this creative outlet that allows me to combine my love of interior design and textiles and total creative freedom! I think it’s also a great thing for children to see that you can reuse things for another purpose rather than throw everything away where it just goes into landfill, or fills the ocean.

What is your favourite piece in your collection?
Hmmmm... this changes constantly, but at the moment I would have to say any of the typography style textile artworks are my current favourite!

What has been your favourite recent purchase?
Vintage dinnerware, I am making a collection of beautiful crockery and have recently come across some beautiful pieces. I love them!

What inspires you?
I am inspired by my surroundings and ideas come to me constantly! I will literally be driving or walking along and a new idea or concept will pop into my head. There have been many times I have woken up in the night with a new one..! Creatively, I am influenced by fashion, interior design, nature, vintage goodies and my little boys. The boys often give me ideas of things they want me to make for them.  I feel like I dont have enough time to follow everything through, and worry that I will forget the idea before the next one comes. I keep a notebook handy to write down thoughts, ideas and make sketches.

What do you wish people cared more about?
I wish people were more interested in longevity of things. There is so much more satisfaction in a purchase that is quality made and will last than in a cheap mass produced, poor quality item. I think awareness is growing though, which is a great thing. I also think it's important to teach children that you can reuse things for another purpose rather than throw everything away where it just goes into landfill, or fills the ocean.

Where would your dream holiday be?
Ooh dream holiday..? 'Someday' travel plans include the UK, Sweden and New Zealand so any of those would be perfect!

To celebrate turning 4 Birdynumnum is having a giveaway over on our Instagram account so hop on over here to take a look :)

Stills : A Weekly Collection

: hubby was away so Valentine's was with my little people and this was H's choice
: when hubby is away I find it hard to grab the time for exercise and whilst my days are healthy  my nights are filled with chocolate, his travel will turn me into a heffalump
: lifeinstyle never fails to deliver beauty all soon to be found in our stores..
: when asked if I am proud of what I have created I often answer I suppose so when really I mean 'yes'. After presenting at Reed Gift Fairs on how I did it and verbalising how much I really have achieved I have re assessed my value and Jayde and I decided we possibly are awesome!! (J was presenting also)
: THE best thrift shop find I have had.. $6

*linking up with Em as always

What's happening right about now...

You can blame this post on Sonia.. and she blames it on Nikki but really there is no blame as  that sounds negative and this is inspired. An insight of sorts.. so here is what is happening in my life right now.. 20 questions..

Making: Lists - school, work , life, dreams and plans.. lists for everything.. 

Cooking: All sorts of recipes in my Thermomix. Marcus and I had been thinking about buying one for about 3 years so the interest free option split over a year offered before Christmas had us give in as a gift to each other..

Drinking: Coffee of a morning, Water for the rest of the day and Tonic Water at night... totally addicted to all 3..

Reading: The Collective, I have so little time for reading but when it inspires and gives me business insight I cannot resist

Wanting: Some time out.. fat chance

Looking: Forward to the year. Clarity is a gift and I am feeling full of it.

Playing: At Superwoman, solo parenting quite a bit with work busier than ever and trying to still find time for me, my exercise and life is always like playing  a game of snakes and ladders

Deciding: Whether to get a cleaner this year.. as H has gone to school and we will have extra money each month due to no longer paying childcare fees I am thinking I can afford to re invest a little of that into a cleaner each fortnight?..

Wishing: The year away as we have an amazing holiday planned for Crimbo 2014.

Enjoying: Summer. Weekends by the pool and walking to school in the sunshine just keeps me smiling

Waiting: for my basket to arrive so we can have a little tree inside 

Liking: My new rug in my office it is sooo soft under foot and I actually sit on the floor to do stuff just because it is comfy!

Wondering: If all of the projects I have planned for the year will see the light or if some will be pushed to 2015

Loving: My new Flannel pants and Tomato Salad Lunches

Pondering: If one of my besties will ever realise I feel like she has totally abandoned me.

Considering: When to launch our DTLL App, we have been ready since Christmas but now we are busy with other things..

Watching: Helix, Banshee, True Blood, Grand Designs, The Block and Made in Essex

Hoping: My plan to host dinner parties this year and see more of my girls will happen..

Marvelling: At how my kids are forming this beautiful bond being at school together at last

Needing: Sleep

Smelling: Vanilla, Lime, Jasmine and Coconut.. these are the smells I have around my house..

Wearing: 7am -11am Lululemon, 11am-7pm find me a Maxi Dress or I am back in my Lulu's (clean ones I would add) 7pm-7am I get my Peter Alexanders on..

Following: Some amazing peeps over on Insta I love that place

Noticing: That slowing down and taking time with the kids really means more to me than answering all my emails within 5 mins of them arriving in my inbox

Knowing: That 2014 is going to be even better than 2013

Thinking: The people I surround myself with this year will be the ones for life, no idea why but my tribe is growing smaller but so much stronger

Feeling: Positive and Strong

Admiring: The ones who have taken the risks and come through the other side..

Sorting: My calendar.. 

Buying: This I just love the colour 

Getting: Ready to present and the Gift Fair this weekend.. I sorta don't present, I prefer to chat 

Bookmarking: New stores, possible stores.. I spend my life bookmarking

Disliking: My parents being back in the UK, really missing them

Opening: Up the drawer with my SLR in it, I am desperate to get back on it. The iPhone is too easy and boring

Giggling: At my evening routine whilst  teaching Harrington to get through the night without nappies.. he is so different to Kitty he wakes up completely and chats to you.. she was like a zombie sack of potatoes

Will you play along? cut n paste the above, delete my answers as you write your own or just pick your faves and answer in comments.. either way come back and tell me so I can get nosey on you too :)

Win a Wireless Record Bluetooth Speaker From Roaming Connections

Is there anything better than relaxing in the backyard with friends, sipping on something cold and listening to some smooth tunes?

We think not! And with the Roaming Connection Record Bluetooth Speakers you can take your music with you to not just the backyard but anywhere.

No wires and no electricity required, just plug your iPod in and you are ready to go.

The fabulous gang at Roaming Connections are giving away one of their Bluetooth Speakers valued at $55.00 to one lucky winner.

All you need to do to enter is;

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Stills : A Weekly Collection

: Thanks to #fmsphotoaday I have been sharing a fair bit of the wall dressings at my pad on instagram
: I cannot stop baking.. simple as that.
: Friday morning at the boatshed was just what I needed..
: Cupid arrived at my house..
: The dropping sun brought out the most wonderful colours of the flowers on my porch
: Planning the lunchboxes for the week was a boring but wise idea as made my mornings far easier
: Connect Four at 8am before school.. oh why not?..
: My gorgeous Kavea's 30th.. love that girl despite her and all her friends being far too beautiful to hang out with for more than an hour or so.. does nothing for a girls moral

Linking up with Em 


Harrington : This week you are in shock at the fact school happens every day of the week.. "Mummy is today my day with you?" comes a little voice each morning.. " No my sweet" is my response and whilst I know I will love 5 official days a week for work at last I so miss my days with you

Kitty : This was a weekend picture but the whole of this week you have hugged, coaxed and kissed your little brother through his first week in school and I could not be more proud. SUCH a beautiful soul you have shown with so much love for the little man in our lives

Linking up with Jodi

Superfood Session....

Superfoods are the new black and Acai and Chia are buzz words.. Our Gorgeous Guy has dropped in to tell us how to easily get them in us :) First up is the Chia & Acai Smoothie then keep watching for more beauties!!

I am excited to announce Bondi Harvest is going to be doing some exclusive recipes for our DTLL Family so if you have any requests get asking :)

When love is in the air..

I rather believe you can never say I love you too much.. ok screaming it in the ear is a possible turn off but love notes are dreamy and a random text message is almost as sweet..

It is not ALL about the gift giving but I have rounded up a few options from free to fancy for you to see what inspires you..

1.Write their name in lights like this image from Pinterest (or maybe just an initial, lol) with these Letter Lights // 2. These beautiful Porcelain Rings from Elevate // 3. Wrap a love note in this ribbon every week this year // 4. Simple and Heart Cushion that says it all from Pony Rider // 5.This will cost you not much more than time and effort // 6. Love Lines to keep forever from Uberkate

Do you do Valentines? What was the best Valentine gift you ever received?

Five Fast Questions

I saw this over on Honey & Fizz and thought I would join in for fun...

1.Introvert or Extrovert?
Introvert who is only extrovert amongst my tribe

2.Dress or Shorts?
Shorts, I sort of live in training shorts.. 
3.Big City or Open Spaces?
Open Spaces, I need to breathe

4.Cheese or Chocolate?
Chocolate for sure

5.Sunrise or Sunset?
Sunrise is what I prefer but don't see it as often as I would like..

What are your answers? 

Stills : A Weekly Collection

: hubby being in the US this week had me doing some of his blue zone jobs.. gardening was the first..
: whilst my hubby is away.. cider has been my treat at night
: Australia Day spent with friends, talented ones. I do love this canvas she designed 
: my tassels doubled and next week there will be my third and last..
: a re pot was in order, this patch at the front door is so sunny our last set didn't make it..
: it is back to school and we already lost a sock on the way to the laundry basket
: today hubby returned bearing gifts... not sure the cups are as welcome as the sunglasses.. my hips will not thank him next week :)

*linking up with Em