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Accepting with Pride..

Last week I went to the Interiors Addict 7 Vignettes Night at BoConcept where the fab Darren Palmer was guest of honour. Jen did a fab Q&A which was really relaxed and asked all the cheeky questions you would want to know along with the much needed informative ones on how he got to be where he is..

I walked away from the evening in the best of moods for a three fold reason..

a) it was a top night and I got to meet lots of peeps I follow on Insta in person
b) I won  the 7 Vignettes challenge that was held that night and came home with a designer stool
c)... biggest of all I realised I have come to a point that I can accept compliments and praise about what I have created with Down that Little Lane and be proud.

I used to be coy and get quite flustered when anyone said I love what you do or your site is amazing but that night I said 'Thank you, I love it too and yes I am very proud of the family we have created'.

It wasn't until I left brimming full of the compliments I had been given and realising that this was the first time that I had taken them, loved them and accepted them that I had to phone hubby and say 'just wanted to call and say do you know what? I am proud of myself at last.. like truly proud.. be home in 15'

How do you go with compliments? My business is 2 years old and it has taken me this long.. is that idiotic?


  1. Forget the amazing business that you've created through blood, sweat and tears... you're such a massive spunk, lady. x

  2. I have goose bumps from this my gorgeous friend. You should be proud, damn proud of not just what you have done with your amazing business but for who you are as a mum, a wife, a friend, an everything. Take that you fabulous chick you xx


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