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Happy Birthday birdynumnumDesign !!

How did you start your business?
I was always making things for family and friends and turning it into a business was just inevitable really! Since I launched my label part-time in 2010 it has taken off and I now work full-time on my thriving little handmade business. I absolutely love it. I feel so lucky that I have this creative outlet that allows me to combine my love of interior design and textiles and total creative freedom! I think it’s also a great thing for children to see that you can reuse things for another purpose rather than throw everything away where it just goes into landfill, or fills the ocean.

What is your favourite piece in your collection?
Hmmmm... this changes constantly, but at the moment I would have to say any of the typography style textile artworks are my current favourite!

What has been your favourite recent purchase?
Vintage dinnerware, I am making a collection of beautiful crockery and have recently come across some beautiful pieces. I love them!

What inspires you?
I am inspired by my surroundings and ideas come to me constantly! I will literally be driving or walking along and a new idea or concept will pop into my head. There have been many times I have woken up in the night with a new one..! Creatively, I am influenced by fashion, interior design, nature, vintage goodies and my little boys. The boys often give me ideas of things they want me to make for them.  I feel like I dont have enough time to follow everything through, and worry that I will forget the idea before the next one comes. I keep a notebook handy to write down thoughts, ideas and make sketches.

What do you wish people cared more about?
I wish people were more interested in longevity of things. There is so much more satisfaction in a purchase that is quality made and will last than in a cheap mass produced, poor quality item. I think awareness is growing though, which is a great thing. I also think it's important to teach children that you can reuse things for another purpose rather than throw everything away where it just goes into landfill, or fills the ocean.

Where would your dream holiday be?
Ooh dream holiday..? 'Someday' travel plans include the UK, Sweden and New Zealand so any of those would be perfect!

To celebrate turning 4 Birdynumnum is having a giveaway over on our Instagram account so hop on over here to take a look :)


  1. I so agree - longevity and quality seem to be cast aside by so many people, looking for their next purchase 'hit'. I'm consciously trying to buy less, but better. x

  2. How gorgeous is Kylie and that bird giveaway.... swooon! x


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