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Popcorn Cake..

Last weekend we celebrated Harrington's Birthday.. two months late but as he didn't officially start school until February and I wanted him to be able to invite just a couple of new Kindy mates it just had to be that way and possibly will be the same each year!!..

Anywho the point to this post was that I made a popcorn cake.

I had a lunatic run up to this party with hubby away so much in the last few weeks and me presenting talks at the Gift Fairs so this party was thrown together on the Saturday morning (I was out on the Friday night too) so I wanted something easy..

12 cups of popcorn in a bowl, melt 100g of butter with 500g odd of marshmallows and a tablespoon of oil then mix it all together. Compact into a greased bundt tin and leave to set!. You can add in coloured lollies for a theme if you want too.

How do you go with cakes? Got an easier one for me? 

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