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Stills : A Weekly Collection

: hubby was away so Valentine's was with my little people and this was H's choice
: when hubby is away I find it hard to grab the time for exercise and whilst my days are healthy  my nights are filled with chocolate, his travel will turn me into a heffalump
: lifeinstyle never fails to deliver beauty all soon to be found in our stores..
: when asked if I am proud of what I have created I often answer I suppose so when really I mean 'yes'. After presenting at Reed Gift Fairs on how I did it and verbalising how much I really have achieved I have re assessed my value and Jayde and I decided we possibly are awesome!! (J was presenting also)
: THE best thrift shop find I have had.. $6

*linking up with Em as always


  1. That really is the best thrift shop find ever … gorgeous :0)

  2. Oh yes - that is the BEST thrift store find!

    You should be proud of yourself - you guys are AWESOME!


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