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Stills : A Weekly Collection

: Thanks to #fmsphotoaday I have been sharing a fair bit of the wall dressings at my pad on instagram
: I cannot stop baking.. simple as that.
: Friday morning at the boatshed was just what I needed..
: Cupid arrived at my house..
: The dropping sun brought out the most wonderful colours of the flowers on my porch
: Planning the lunchboxes for the week was a boring but wise idea as made my mornings far easier
: Connect Four at 8am before school.. oh why not?..
: My gorgeous Kavea's 30th.. love that girl despite her and all her friends being far too beautiful to hang out with for more than an hour or so.. does nothing for a girls moral

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  1. Looks like a very busy week and I love those "meal planning pads"....easy to be organized with help like this. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

  2. I think you more than hold your own with the gorgeouseosie!

    I have a planner too, but I plan my blog posts on it. No need to plan school lunches. Boyo insists on making his own now and that is one banana and one Vegemite and honey sandwich. Yup, together.

  3. The masquerade party looks like so much fun & you all look gorgeous!

  4. Those flowers in that light, divine. Love to plane to, paper planning is so much easier. Thanks for sharing. Jo xx

  5. Gorgeous photos … just love the colours in those top shots .


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