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When love is in the air..

I rather believe you can never say I love you too much.. ok screaming it in the ear is a possible turn off but love notes are dreamy and a random text message is almost as sweet..

It is not ALL about the gift giving but I have rounded up a few options from free to fancy for you to see what inspires you..

1.Write their name in lights like this image from Pinterest (or maybe just an initial, lol) with these Letter Lights // 2. These beautiful Porcelain Rings from Elevate // 3. Wrap a love note in this ribbon every week this year // 4. Simple and Heart Cushion that says it all from Pony Rider // 5.This will cost you not much more than time and effort // 6. Love Lines to keep forever from Uberkate

Do you do Valentines? What was the best Valentine gift you ever received?

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  1. We actually stopped buying gifts for each other for Valentines day and made it about spending time together and being all mushy and romantic instead :) Cheapskates or sentimental sooks... hmmmm? xx


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