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Asher's Nursery

So this week we have Ashers Nursery created by her Mum Skye

Skye had a custom garland made to match her custom rug 
Skye said 'As a Project Manager, friends often tease my meticulous organisation.  At 31 weeks pregnant, I had finalised selections for either boy or girl & after my husband & I hosted our much-anticipated gender reveal (where I was genuinely shocked to discover we were having a girl I was ready to place orders for wallpaper, artwork, the rug etc. & confess to doing so at 3am after the gender reveal (I couldn't sleep after all the excitement!)    

I loved that Asher's room allowed me to be creative & girly, especially in a house full of boys! It's not often you have the opportunity to create a beautiful space from scratch - so it was as much for me as it was for Asher! I do hope as she grows, her room plays a part in making beautiful memories & she can feel the love & thought that went into creating her space

DTLL does custom colour rugs to suit ANY decor

My aim was to select d├ęcor with longevity; therefore, where possible, I sidestepped conventional baby shops. 

Aside from the need for a cot conversion kit, I believe the items chosen can work for years to come; however I obsessively follow design blogs for children's spaces, so I'm sure as Asher grows & her needs & personal tastes evolve we'll enjoy continuing to make additions to the space. 

Do cot sheets come much cuter? 

Particular things I love about the room: 
Having a Gallery Hanging System is fantastic; I can display artworks without drilling hooks into the beautiful wallpaper 
The mobile my Mum & I made; lovingly punching & sewing hundreds of circles together to complement the wallpaper whilst creating something visually stimulating& sewing hundreds of circles together to complement the wallpaper whilst creating something visually stimulating. 
Bits & pieces we gathered during our Buenos Aires babymoon – a Mini Cooper (our surname is Cooper), miniature Spanish children's books from 1907, & a Wind in the Willows tin suitcase - all from the Feria de San Pedro Telmo vintage markets.

We adore our Heidi Ho Elephant

A cute as anything Fairy Door 


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