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Old school or New School ?

I don't know if it makes me new school or just rude but I just don't love phone calls, I prefer email.. It is not that I don't like talking to people, because I do, I just prefer face to face.

If you ever want to get hold of me to get an answer on anything email is the fastest method, anyone who knows me will tell you I am lightning on my responses.

It comes from my need to complete and delete so if an email comes in and I can action it immediately I do as then I can also delete it and lighten my inbox. I am the same on to do lists for the day. I do the things I can do fastest first so my list is reduced at the fastest speed.

Phone calls mess with that (unless they are part of the completion of an email or task) phone calls can come from unknowns and worse even is someone I do know as we can end up talking for ages and tangenting off all over the place.

So I would call myself new school as I prefer email over the old fashioned for of communication in a phonecall... am I odd? I think about it everytime the phone rings and I am mid email and curse the phone.

Tell me I am not alone? Are you old school or new school? 

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  1. Oh Tessa - this looks way too good for just one piece!! Seriously!!! xx


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