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I don't have a sister, I have a totally amazing brother but for sisters I have to look to my girlfriends. 

I am lucky enough to be able to say I have a few of them that I know would alway be there for me, ones that I would in turn drop everything for and the ones that know me as well as I know them.

My mother is a breast cancer survivor so not only is the cause very close to my heart but the strength and courage of those who go through it inspires me every day.

This week one of 'my' sisters Kate from Uberkate was sent a picture by Sandra, a breast cancer survivor showing her before and after picture wearing her Ubercircles. Kate said 'Sandra's beautiful smile epitomises hope for anyone facing their own battle or who is helping a loved one through theirs'

Kate had 'her' sisterhood choose words that were inspired by Sandra to create designs from for a special Pop Up store raising money for the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

 I chose 'Believe' from the range and am wearing it with pride to show my support of all those amazing women battling his terrible illness just like my amazing mother did.

To find the pop up on your computer hop here and on a mobile go here 

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