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Some of the best days are nothing special..

The other day I hosted Kitty's Year One Mums at my place for a straight after drop off catch up.. 9.30 they arrived and all brought naughty bits to munch on whilst I served tea and coffee and we all sat around my big table out back. A couple of them I knew from my Kindy Class and I quickly got to know the others.

So a couple of hours passed easily (I even managed to not check emails) and most of them left to go on with their day..

my two I had known from the previous year?
well they hung out a little longer..
i grabbed my laptop and designed a newsletter whilst..
we chatted,
we gossiped,
compared our kids,
reassured each other,
ate melted tim tams,
talked cleaners,
and just hung..
we hung until school pick up..

You see it was nothing special, nothing special at all but it WAS the best day.. a thoroughly enjoyable day.

For me it was a reminder to be grateful for fab people in my life. Have you had a day you loved that wasn't even up to much? 


  1. I met a similar group of Mums when my youngest daughter was in Year 1. We are still friends to this day and catch up often … not bad considering my daughter is now in Year 10.

  2. Yes. Many weekend days we just potter around together, just the four of us. And it is wonderful. I love that my husband and two children and I enjoy each other so much that we really don't need to be doing anything particular at all! Love the idea of a whole day spent sitting around and chatting. Sounds like a wonderful way to spend the day!

  3. So many days like that, don't you think? It happens the minute we stop thinking that we need 'big plans' to be happy. I'm so glad you have such lovely mum friends at school. It helps so much!! x

  4. Days spent at home doing 'nothing' are sometimes the best days. Yours sounded lovely x

  5. Oh I love those days! I always think the unplanned catch ups are definitely the best. There's no expectation, the time flows naturally and you end up having a wonderful time.

  6. Yes, I love those days! They don't happen enough, and when they do it's lovely to just roll with it.

  7. You soooo needed tis hun and yep, our little meetings that dont seem like much always leave me feeling awesome and smiling xx


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