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The Business of Blogging..

Blogging is a funny old game.. most people start for personal reasons and then somewhere along the lines they realise that money can be made, they see others doing just that and figure it can't be that hard..

I love the blogging community and DTLL are firm supporters of them. We even have our own DTLL Blogger Family (you will have seen them over the last year or will see them in the near future in our newsletters).

The thing about turning it into an income earner is that it becomes a business and with a business comes work, deadlines, clients, relationships, ethics and etiquette and that is where I am constantly amazed at how many bloggers just don't take it seriously.

It is not easy to find readers and retain them but once you have and you find a market for which a client will pay you to promote their brand too there are expectations to be met.

You need to write well and know who your client is..
You need to meet a deadline for certain promos..
You need to ensure that single post gets maximum exposure..
You need to understand social media and know your true value across those platforms
and last but most important of all you need to ensure you don't let them down and drop the ball..

I am not sure why I am writing this post.. I suppose it is because I have been exposed to both.

To work with a blogger that shows you that they get your brand and is attentive to details to work your profile to its best advantage is just blissful and I send them referrals all the time.

To have bloggers approach you to work together that have no idea of their stats. That do not know reach in comparison to others and to then support them out of the goodness of your heart only to have them 'drop the ball'. It is such a let down and really destroys that fabulous on line community feel.

I guess I am just saying if you are going to do it, make sure it is what you really want and know that it is a job, a new job that yes you can do from home but a time consuming one never the less. One that may well cost you money at first to get going properly and one that you need to well and truly hop on the karma train for.

You can't expect others to support you unless you support them..

Do you blog ? Do you aim to make money from it or is it just for you?


  1. This was really good timing, Tessa!
    I honestly love everything about the blogging community, but recently decided that I just couldn't take it further withe the time I can commit to it right now. I think a lot of bloggers are in the same situation, but hope that a bit of luck and a lot of support from others will replace both time and effort, and they'll still get to reap the rewards. I'm glad to have come back to blogging, but it is, and will remain a hobby. That way there's nobody to let down but myself!

  2. It is definitely a choice we need to make and be comfortable with :)

  3. My blog is a small fish in a very big pond at the moment and I can already see how much work it is and I haven't even started to try and make money from it yet. The biggest cost is time, so I suppose it is lucky that I enjoy it.

  4. And you don't ever need to make money from it if it is not right for you :)

  5. I blog for my business, for exposure, and I don't make any money out of it. I find it incredible hard to find enough time in my day to commit to it and at times I wonder who is even reading it! It's a fine line for me, because blogging takes time away from actually creating things for my business yet I'm trying to use it as marketing tool...

  6. Blogging is a funny old game.
    You definitely have the bloggers that are blogging for money…and all they do is blog and that is wonderful for them!
    And then you have bloggers who blog just for the love of it…and that is wonderful for them!
    I feel like I am somewhere in the middle. I have a "real" job that pays the bills but I certainly don't mind making a bit of pocket money from my blog. I try to approach all opportunities professionally and follow through with what was agreed on. More often than doing sponsored posts, I support and mention business that I love for free!
    Although I am in the middle of a blog overhaul so who knows what the future will hold!

  7. I think it is easy to do both if you are just aiming for pocket money and as long as you still enjoy it then it is all happy days :)

  8. It is the same for me Kasey. I do have some advertisers but mine is here for marketing as such to let people know more about the behind the scenes of DTLL. It does take time and I never know who is reading but I still enjoy it so I still carry on x

  9. Yes, very good to read from the business side of things. One thing I know for sure is that the bloggers who are making a bit of a living from their blogs are astoundingly hard workers. Very impressive indeed, they can connect beautifully and they put in massive hours and effort.

  10. I'm definitely in the middle somewhere between it would be nice to earn a little bit of pocket money and it just being for me. I'm about to do a revamp of my blog, and a move to, but more than anything that change is just for my visual. I think if I blogged for "business" then it would take the joy out of it for me. Blogging takes quite a bit of time and effort if you want to create quality posts x

  11. As a couple of the ladies have mentioned, I am also in the middle when it comes to making money from my blog. I love writing, and it has been wonderful to establish a little community within my blog of beautiful, amazing and inspiring women. Yes I do spend a LOT of time working on my blog (hence reading and commenting at 5.30am on a Saturday morning)!! Thank you for this post, it's really interesting to hear another perspective on the issue.

  12. Love the quote in the photo "Work hard and be nice to people" … great advice! I've only been blogging for just over 3 weeks so I'm definitely the "new kid on the block". At the moment I'm just enjoying the writing and I love that I'm creating something. Will it ever make money … who knows … we'll just have to wait and see!

  13. They do, well some do, and from a business side it is very easy to see which ones do which :)

  14. I agree, blogging for business changes the way you approach your posts as there is a certain element of needing the hit rate..

  15. The community is the best part Lauren, my favourite part for sure.. when you blog for business they are key and I think a lot of bloggers assume businesses don't know much about that but me thinks they are wrong :)

  16. That is the perfect way to start :) Good Luck with it all x


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